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MVP James Conrad Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad

MVP James Conrad Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad

Speed: 2 | Glide 4 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 1
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4+ units in stock Image
4+ units in stock
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Designed by the World Champion himself — the Nomad has everything James Conrad desires in a putter. From the depth and shoulder height, all the way down to the size of the small bead — the Nomad is James’ vision of an ideal putter. Expect a neutral flight inside the Circle, with some fade kicking in at Circle 2 — making the Nomad great at holding anhyzer or hyzer angles when need be. Off the tee, the Nomad’s straight-stable flight will let throwers of all power levels experience confident, straight lines with just enough glide to stick under the basket — not blow past it.

It’s been said that on rare occasions, in the light of the full moon, James Conrad can be glimpsed stalking the wilds. Glowing eyes, glinting fangs, terrifying claws, and a truly impressive amount of luscious hair. Always hunting for his next birdie - you can bet he’ll find it.

With a straight-stable flight, perfect for maintaining whatever angle you throw it on, and a rim sporting blue glow - you can be even more confident during your glow rounds with the first ever Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad. 

Like the moonlight unleashing the beast within, light up the fairways with your very own Halloween Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad!

Flight Ratings: Speed 2, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 1

About the plastic: Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron is made from Eco-Consious recycled materials and glows in the dark. Neutron is an Opaque blend of premium polymers that offer extremely good durability and hand feel. R2 only comes in black with a white, glowing overmold. These have a decent amount of flex to them, but are on the stiffer side of something like an Innova Star plastic. Typically this is a plastic that is “true to flight numbers”, but it still depends on run to run. The Eclipse plastic is ONLY the Rim, as the rest of the plastic of the inner core is black, and does not glow.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wayne Wyatt
Awesome Glow Rim

The blue glow is very bright on this Nomad. The disc flies more stable than my other Nomads, it’s great for throwing off the tee or approach shots.

cool looking disc

looks great. plastic is a bit slick. glowing rim is awesome in the dark.

Ronald Shope

The plastic is a little slippery

Amazing disc

Amazing disc