DoubleG Beef Jerky

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  • WHAT IS DOUBLEG JERKY – Garrett Gurthie’s DoubleG Jerky is a high quality disc golf snack of beef jerky to take your disc golf game to the next level. Playing Disc Golf is an energy-consuming sport, and to stay at your best, you need healthy energy snacks while you play, such as quality beef jerky
  • ENERGY BOOST ON THE COURSE – Meat such as beef jerky is one of the best sources of energy when you are on the course, and also one of the healthiest. Now you can have quality disc golf snacks for an energy boost without eating unhealthy chocolate energy bars!
  • AMAZING FLAVOUR AND 100% NATURAL – DoubleG jerky with 100% natural ingredients, and comes in multiple flavors. It is a juicy, tasty treat than can be enjoyed by every disc golf player, and makes for the perfect All American snack
  • PERFECT SNACK SIZE – DoubleG Jerky comes in a perfect 2.5oz package, which is just the right size for you to eat over a couple of holes on the course, and not too much food to hinder your disc golf ability
  • MADE BY PROFESSIONALS IN THE USA – DoubleG Jerky comes from Garrett Gurthie himself, a professional disc golf player. It is made by professionals, used by professionals and is a disc golf accessory for every disc golf player of all skill levels!

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