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InZone Disc Golf Kwik-Stik XXL & Mini Combo 2021 Version

InZone Disc Golf Kwik-Stik XXL & Mini Combo 2021 Version

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This includes a COMBO of the Kwik-Stik XL and the Kwik-Stik Mini by InZone, both the new 2021 versions combined into one deal for you.

Kwik-Stik XXL
The XXL is the longest, strongest, easiest and BEST retriever made with a reach up to 22’ and collapses to just 18” (actual length is 18’)

  • Frame Head folds down against the pole and out of the way when carried
  • When folded with the hook forward it can be used in brush and trees
  • New pole has improved joints for longer life
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Easily carried in bags and carts
  • Retrieves discs from water, mud, brush, briars, trees, rocks, uneven terrain and ice
  • Can be used in a search pattern to retrieve discs that can’t be seen underwater

    Kwik-Stik Mini
    PLEASE NOTE: This run of Kwik-Stik minis have different black handles due to supply shortages. InZone was not able to secure their standard red handles as a result of this, and replaced with the black ones. But this is the same great quality of Kwik-Stik you have always been used to! 

    The Kwik-Stik Mini with the stainless frame is the easiest to carry and the most versatile retriever. Reaches up to 10' but collapses down to just 18".

    Small and light and made of the same surgical stainless steel as the XL version.

    New for 2021 The Kwik-Stik Mini features a threaded Hook. The Kwik-Stik Mini is a great tool to keep in the bag. It is perfect for retrieving discs from creeks, trees, briars, poison ivy, over a fence, in mud, etc. The mini is a simple, compact tool you will never want to be without. No longer will you be searching for a small stick! The simple but effective hook can reach into places that are tight, dangerous or inaccessible. Once you carry and use this retriever YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO BE WITHOUT IT!

    The powder-coated steel head quickly and surely grabs the disc even in flowing water.

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