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Pro Pull Resistance Band Technique & Strength Trainer

Pro Pull Resistance Band Technique & Strength Trainer

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WHAT IS PRO PULL? - Pro Pull is the essential Disc Golf training tool. The aim of the tool is to improve your arm acceleration, speed, and strength.

  • PRACTICE DISC GOLF ANYWHERE - Pro Pull allows you to practice indoors and outdoors. Pro Pull can be setup on a tree or door. You can take Pro Pull anywhere to practice Disc Golf!

  • IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE - Pro Pull helps you to pull your arm through straighter, helping you to stop rounding and other bad practices in Disc Golf.

  • MULTIPLE DIFFICULTY LEVELS - Pro Pull has different strength settings with resistance bands. Pro Pull works well for beginners or professionals to practice Disc Golf.

  • PRACTICE BACKHAND OR FOREHAND - Pro Pull works well for both Backhand Throws and Forehand Throws. Pro Pull is the complete tool to take your Disc Golf game to the next level! 

PROPULL DISC SPEED TRAINER The ProPull is an EXCELLENT resistance training system for improving your disc golf arm speed. This works both forehand and backhand driving techniques. With three levels of resistance this will provide a great workout for all levels!

By grabbing our ProPull Disc exactly as you would on the course as you go through the workouts you will train your body to increase acceleration in the exact angles and positions related to your throwing motion.

Included in the bag:

✔ 13"x11" Durable ProPull Bag

✔ 5lb Resistance Band

✔ 8lb Resistance Band

✔ Tree Strap for outside use

✔ Door Strap for indoor use

✔ Safety Strap

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