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Prodigy Mini Marker Disc

Prodigy Mini Marker Disc

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✔ WHAT IS A MINI MARKER - Disc Golf Mini Markers are used for marking your lie before you throw each shot. Disc Golf Minis  are are key to ensuring your shot is legal.

✔ HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC - the Prodigy Mini Disc Golf Marker is made from high quality plastic and features a beautiful hot stamp to give it both an amazing feel and look.

✔ MODELED BASED ON A REAL DISC - the Prodigy Disc Golf Minis are modeled after Prodigy M Midrange Line, so the look and feel will be similar to a real disc!

✔ PDGA APPROVED - All Disc Golf Minis need to be approved by the PDGA to be allowed in tournament play, and this has passed the test with official PDGA approval!

✔ GREAT FOR MINI DISC GOLF - Not only can the Prodigy Disc Golf Mini be used for marking your lie, but also flies great for mini Disc Golf!

After much anticipation, Prodigy was excited to finally release their first Prodigy Mini Marker Discs. Modelled after the popular M Series Midrange Discs, these Mini Marker Discs are the perfect way to mark your lie on the course, hot stamped with our classic Prodigy Disc branding.

The Mini Marker Discs meet the qualifications outlined by the PDGA. In addition, they fly very well for mini disc golf, weighing in around 28 grams. 

The dimensions of the Prodigy Mini Marker Discs are 4” in diameter, and 0.4375” in height.

Colors will vary.

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