Axiom Total Eclipse Leapin' Lizottl' Simon Lizotte Hex (Pre-Order)
Axiom Total Eclipse Leapin' Lizottl' Simon Lizotte Hex (Pre-Order)
Axiom Total Eclipse Leapin' Lizottl' Simon Lizotte Hex (Pre-Order)
Axiom Total Eclipse Leapin' Lizottl' Simon Lizotte Hex (Pre-Order)

Axiom Total Eclipse Leapin' Lizottl' Simon Lizotte Hex (Pre-Order)

Speed: 5 | Glide 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1


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The big show for 2023 is here, the Total Eclipse Simon Lizotte Hex - the Leaping Lizottl' Edition! “Come on guys, they give out the best candy down in the Maple Valley! I’ve heard they even have German candy bars this year!”

A double feature of World Champions is great, but it can’t be complete without a sweet treat! Mike Inscho and Simon Lizotte are back for a sequel to the hottest disc of the year, this time with a few delightfully spooky twists! Not only have we decided to kick things into overdrive with our Total Eclipse plastic - featuring both color glow cores (Blue, Aqua, White, Purple) and color glow rims (Blue, Aqua, White, Purple, Green) - we also have four new, adorable stamp variations featuring the trick-or-treating Leapin’ Lizottl’!

So while there are 4 different stamps and multiple different glow colors, we have no control over what MVP will send us.  Demand for these is very high, so take the chance to secure yours today!

This is a pre-order. Please note that the stamps and color of glow will vary. Weights are all 173-176g. We can do our best on requests but no guarantees due to enormous demand. Release & shipping date is still to be confirmed by MVP. 

In stock items will ship at the same time as pre-order items if ordered together. 

Latest Update from MVP: Considering all of the information we have on hand, we are tentatively targeting 10/11/23 as a potential release date for Halloween releases - just in time for peak Halloween season! Also, the plan is to fulfill Halloween orders in total - no partial fulfillment for the Halloween releases.

About the Hex: Mesmerizingly straight, with flight numbers of 5/5/-1/1, the Hex will find a place in anyone’s bag as a versatile and reliably straight midrange. At the highest arm speeds, the Hex will produce slightly understable lines from flat, but the 1 fade keeps it from flipping over completely. For lower arm speeds, the Hex has enough turn to make shaping lines a breeze. If you are looking for control in the woods, or simply a versatile line shaper, the Hex is the midrange for you.

Flight Ratings: Speed 5, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 1

About the plastic: Total Eclipse is an updated version of the Eclipse plastic where both the rim and the inner core glow. Eclipse Glow plastic has an awesome feel in the hand, fairly smooth and reflective, yet grippy. It is a stiffer plastic, and is the most overstable that Axiom produces. This is the Number 1 Glow in all of disc golf, as it stays charged and shines brighter than anything else on the market!

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Wesley Henderson
Glow hex

Very good disc, as expected being a hex. It’s a bit more stable than my Neutron hex.

Slightly Overstabld

My Glow Lizottl wants to fade a bit more than my other plastics, but it'll hold a nice straight line until the end if you pump it. Great disc, fun stamp


perfect straight mid, and it glows like no other. starts off stable, and beats in to very straight and glidey fast.

Less Stable

My Lizottle in glow is less stable than other plastics.

The best

Good replacement for a mind bender if you lost one

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