Discraft Force Review | Distance Driver

The Force was PDGA-approved back in 2008! It's a "Destroyer-type" distance driver for intermediate and advanced players. Players love using them for backhands and forehands! They are the most popular driver amongst Discraft's pro team, with the likes of PmcB, Corey Ellis, Paul Ulibarri, and Chris Dickerson each using the Force!

Force Flight Review

The Force is an overstable flier out of the box, but can be beaten in for use as a max distance driver! These beaten-in Forces will turn at high speeds and always fade back reliably. Use a Force for the perfect blend of distance and control. With acceptable form, you can expect to throw this disc over 400 feet consistently!


The Discraft Force is a backhand bomber for intermediate and advanced players! It has plenty of glide and a touch of high-speed turn with a strong forward-fading finish at the end! As the Force wears in you can start throwing baby hyzers that will flip up, turn, and then fade for massive distance!


Much like the Destroyer the Force is great for backhands and forehands! They have the stability to handle the torque of a forehand, and you can rely on their dependable fade! You can also put it on anhyzer and have it come back at the end of the flight for long flexes.


The Force has a wide, yet not too wide rim, that fits snugly into most hands! Its gentle dome feels great and generates extra glide. The low profile makes it comfortable for both forehand and backhand grips!

Discraft Force Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers 

Speed: 12

Glide: 5

Turn: 0

Fade: 3

In our experience, the Discraft Force numbers are spot on. The Force flies straight before ending with a strong finish!

Discraft Force Flight Chart

Here's a chart to give you an idea of the Discraft Force's flight path.

Discraft force flight charts for forehand and backhand

Discraft Force Plastics and Special Editions

  • Discraft Z Force: These are a little more overstable than other variations and have less turn out of the box. They generally have a gentle dome to them. These are a go-to when you encounter strong winds on the course!
  • Discraft ESP Force: In our experience, the ESP Forces are slightly more understable. They also beat in quicker, making them the best option for your main/furthest-flying drivers. ESP also has an awesome feel with a good grip!
  • Z Lite Force: These lightweight Forces are absolute bombers! You can expect them to turn more out of the box, further increasing the distance potential!
  • Big Z Force: This plastic is a blend of ESP and Z. Big Z discs are often more overstable, although they can vary from run to run.


The Force is about 16 years old at the time of this writing. Its strong presence to this day is a testament to its brilliance! A multitude of Discraft pros have relied on its consistent flight through the years!

The Force was approved on the 21st of February 2008!

See the PDGA-approved Force here.

Manufacturer - Discraft

Discraft has been around for decades, making them one of the oldest manufacturers in disc golf! They recently exploded in popularity when Paul McBeth signed a 4 year with them! Since then the contract was extended to 10 years, at 1 million a year! This is still the most lucrative disc golf sponsorship in history!

Read this Discraft Overview to learn more about one of the top manufacturers in the sport!

One of the first discs Paul was attracted to at Discraft was the Force. This came as no surprise because the overstability and speed of the Force make it perfect for advanced players!

Here's what Discraft has to say about the Force:

If you're throwing hard for maximum distance, reach for the high-performance Force.™ This is Discraft's fastest overstable driver, with a wide rim and jaw-dropping glide that delivers a new level of distance potential. It's intended for experienced players who throw with power.


Here are a couple of reviews of the Force off the Discraft YouTube channel.






Skill Level Recommendations

Beginners - While the Force is an exceptional disc we wouldn't recommend it to beginner players. The speed and overstability require some experience to handle!

Intermediate - This is a great driver for those who have progressed into disc golf! With a weaker arm, you'll enjoy this disc as a consistent controllable driver, while not maybe being your furthest flier. As you gain arm speed you'll start to get some turn out of your Forces, and some serious distance!

Advanced - The Discraft Force is the ideal distance driver for advanced players! You'll likely want to bag a few and wear them in to different stages. This way you can get multiple flights from the Force!

Pro - The Force is a Paul McBeth signature disc, you don't get much more pro than PmcB!

Pros Who Throw The Discraft Zone

So many Discraft players have used the Force that it's hard to list them all. Here are just a few of them!

  • Paul McBeth
  • Austin Hannum
  • Austin Turner
  • Corey Ellis
  • Paul Ulibarri
  • Chris Dickerson
  • Corey Ellis
  • Andrew Presnell


Here are the dimensions the Force was registered with at the PDGA.

Max Weight: 175.1gr

Diameter: 21.1cm

Height: 1.7cm

Rim Depth: 1.2cm

Rim Thickness: 2.3cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 16.5cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.7%