Discraft Overview

Discraft Overview

Discraft Overview

One of the most recognizable names in the sport, Discraft produces some of the best disc golf discs on the market. An industry leader in frisbee and disc sports, has an almost 50 year legacy since its beginnings in 1978, which has helped bring the brand to where it is today. Trusted by arguably the best modern player today, Paul McBeth, all the way to local ams and kids, Discraft has a big reputation for creating quality discs. Check out our Discraft overview to learn more about the brand below! 


History of Discraft

A Canadian brand at first, Discraft began their operations in 1978 in London, Ontario. The following year, the founder’s, Jim Kenner and Gail McColl, took Discraft to Michigan where they still manufacture today. The brand’s first PDGA legal offering in 1979 was the Sky Pro, an ultimate frisbee shaped disc. 4 Years later, the Phantom was introduced, Discraft’s first “stable” beveled edge disc golf discs. 

Discraft’s founders are both Disc Golf Hall of Famers. McColl is a 6 time Canadian Women’s Disc Golf Champion, 1978 World Champion, and the 1976 World Freestyle Champion. Kenner co-invented Freestyle and is a recognized course designer. Discraft is founded on the producing discs and frisbees for Ultimate, Freestyle and Disc Golf. Today, Discraft produces discs for DGA (The Disc Golf Association) which was founded by Steady Ed Hedrick. 

Discraft Sponsored Players

discraft team players

Discraft’s team consists of some of the most decorated and accomplished players on tour today. The most notable, and highest paid athlete on the Discraft team is Pual McBeth. McBeth recently signed the most lucrative contract in disc golf history with Discraft, valued at $1 Million dollars per year for 10 years. He has his line of discs with Discraft, which include the Luna, Kratos, Malta, Athena, Anax, Zeus and Hades.

Other notable team members include 5x World Champion Paige Pierce, 3x Major Champ Chris Dickerson, the biggest arm on tour Anthony Barela and back-to-back Pro Tour Champion and Team Co-Captain, Money Missy Gannon. Paul Ulibarri also helps lead the ship as Team Co-Captain with Missy. Check out the latest Discraft Team Series drops, here!

Ledgestone Open

The Ledgestone Insurance Open is one of the most sought after titles in disc golf. Nate Heinold, founder of Ledgestone Insurance, has partnered with Discraft to create limited plastic runs and out of production Discraft discs every year. These discs act as a fundraiser for the tournament and are a great way for players to get amazing, hard to find releases with special edition art stamps. Disc Golf Deals USA is the best place to buy Discraft Ledgestone releases. Check out the latest drops, here!

best discraft disc golf discs popular molds paul mcbeth 6x esp buzzz big z nuke mcbeth 6 claw esp zone paul ulibarri captains raptor jawbreaker z flx

Discraft has as many popular molds as most manufacturers have discs. It seems as if almost every new model of disc they make, it takes off in popularity almost instantly. Take for instance the new Paul McBeth Kratos or the Ulibarri Captain’s Raptor. Both had pre-orders filled nearly to capacity and always find a way to Discraft players bags upon release. Check out some of the most popular molds in the Discraft line-up below! By the way, Disc Golf Deals USA always has the latest Discraft discs for sale, here!

Discraft Buzzz

discraft buzzz disc golf discraft esp buzzz paul mcbeth 6x buzzz big z buzzz 6 claw buzzz flight numbers best buzzz disc

The Discraft Buzzz may be one of the single greatest discs to ever be made. It’s trusted by almost every top Discraft pro on tour and for a good reason. The Buzzz is a 5 speed mid-range with 4 glide and a -1/1 turn to fade. These flight numbers give it a perfectly neutral flight path, capable of staying on any line it’s thrown on. 

Discraft Zone/Zone OS

discraft zone disc golf disc

While there are plenty of discs like it, none have perfected the overstable approach disc quite like the Discraft Zone. Discs like the Innova Toro, Westside Harp, Prodiscus Jokeri and many others have tried their best to copy the Zone’s workability and utility on the course. The Zone stands alone as being one of the most consistent and useful discs on the market, both for the forehand and backhand. Recently, Discraft released the Zone OS, an ultra stable version of the standard Zone. You can find both the Zone and Zone OS for sale on Disc Golf Deals USA, here

Discraft Nuke

discraft nuke disc golf disc overstable driver for power throwers

No disc on tour goes farther than the Discraft Nuke. Trusted by big arm pros like Aaron Gossage, Anthony Barela and Ezra Aderhold to get them as far as possible up a fairway, the Nuke is consistently one of the farthest flying discs on the market. Coming in at a whooping 13 speed, the distance driver still manages to be workable for nearly all skill levels as it’s offered in a multitude of plastics with different flight characteristics. 

Discraft Raptor/Captain’s Raptor

discraft paul ulibarri captains raptor jawbreaker z flx overstable disc golf disc for sale

Where Innova has the Firebird, Dynamic has the Felon and Discmania has the FD3, Discraft has the Raptor. Alost every Discraft touring pro carries a small stack of Raptor’s or Captain’s Raptors in their bags and for good reason. The Raptor is consistent and just like many Discraft's other discs, is offered in tons of plastic options which aid in how the disc beats in and flies. If you’re a player looking for maximum control, try the Captain’s Raptor, the mega overstable version of the already stable Raptor. We find that both fit slots in our bag and when combined give us maximum utility and confidence on the course! 

Discraft Plastics

Discraft has always offered some of the best looking and feeling plastics on the market. From their baseline Jawbreaker blends, premium Z and ESP to their highest end CryZtal Z, Jawbreaker Z FLX, Titanium and ESP Glo, Discraft definitely has the perfect plastic for any disc you love.

What Sort of Player Throws Discraft

If you’re a player who takes their game and discs seriously, Discraft is your brand. Discraft is a brand trusted by the best in disc golf which gives every player who bags their discs confidence on the course. They offer one of the widest selections of plastics and molds in the game which allows you to find the perfect discs that suit your exact needs.

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