Axiom Simon Line Pixel Overview

Disc Golf Deals USA brings you the Axiom Simon Line Pixel for sale, a straight, glidey putter that was designed by MVP pro, Simon Lizotte. The Pixel is the first putter, and second disc, from the Simon Line

Axiom Simon Line Pixel Review

Simon’s input was used for 100% of the design to get something that is relatively straight, slow and glidey, providing optimum control for anything inside Circle 2 and more. The Pixel will be the perfect option for players looking for a straight putter that will help them achieve a greater putting percentage from all over the green.

  • Straight Flight
  • Lots of Glide
  • Simon Lizotte’s own Design

Axiom Simon Line Pixel Specs

The Pixel is fairly comparable to the Anode, which was Simon's first putter with MVP. This is a slightly deeper putter, with plenty of glide, a nice rounded rim for a super comfy grip. This is somewhere in between a Discmania P2/P1X/P1 - a hybrid of all of Simon's favorite putters from the last decade! Simon is thrilled with the result of this, calling it the perfect combination between those 3 molds. These are more glidey and straighter than the Anode.

  • Deep Putter
  • Rounded Rim
  • Comfortable Grip

Axiom Simon Line Pixel Plastics

The Pixel is a very new disc, so it is only available in Electron plastic. It does come in all three variations of the plastic though; Electron Soft, Medium and Firm. Electron is the perfect plastic for a putter having a very comfortable feel in the hand. Disc Golf Deals USA has each variation of the Axiom Pixel for sale: 

  • Electron Soft
  • Electron Medium
  • Electron Firm

Axiom Simon Line Pixel Comparisons

Simon’s own design of putter is close to that of his first putter since joining MVP. The Anode has a similar shape to the Pixel with just less glide and straightness. It also has some resemblance of the putters he used at Discmania during his time there; The P1, P1X and the P2. 

Close Comparisons: 

Axiom Simon Line Pixel Characteristics

Rounding out our Axiom Simon Line Pixel Review is our top ratings for this disc. We love how glidey and straight the Pixel is, having a consistent flight and the ability to hit the chains from anywhere. Many players will love the Pixel as their go-to putter for greater consistency. 

We use a 1 to 10 scale to rate the product characteristics, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Check out our ratings below!

Stability: 4

Consistency of Flight: 8

Consistency in Wind: 5

Beginner Friendliness: 8

Distance Potential: 3

Control: 7

Utility: 4

Fun Factor: 8