Latitude 64 River | Fairway Driver

The Latitude 64 River will help you break your distance record! If you're a beginner that is. The massive, yet true, glide rating of seven will bring easy distance. The understability means that players developing their arm speed will be able to get a big turn and fade!

If you're an intermediate player you'll still love the River for buttery smooth turnover shots! You can put it on any amount of hyzer, and expect it to flip up when you have the power!

Latitude 64 River Review

Here at DGD, we recommend you start learning disc golf with putters and understable mids. If you feel you've progressed, and you're ready to take a step up, you couldn't pick a better disc than the River!

Beginner players throwing this flat should get a decent amount of turn, and then a gentle forward-pushing fade back. Just make sure you keep the nose down!

Yes, the River really does have seven glide! It's not a joke, it's due to the large dome on top of the flight plate. This makes it an excellent choice for new players craving some extra distance! Don't get a distance driver, rather let the River do the work for you!

Players with more arm speed will be able to release it on hyzer and have it consistently flip up and drift right (rhbh). This makes it a must-have for non-sidearm players!


This disc is designed with the backhand shot in mind. When throwing the River backhand you can achieve several shot shapes. Beginners will get long S-shaped shots for their maximum distance. Advanced players will be able to throw a variety of turnovers, and also straight hyzer flips.


We don't recommend the River for forehand. It lacks the stability to handle sidearm torque. You'll also find the dome uncomfortable in a forehand grip. On the flip side, advanced players can throw this disc backhand for a flight that mimics a flick shot!


The Latitude 64 River has a very comfortable rim that fits nicely into the hand! It feels great for power and fan grips. The only downside is that it's more domy than optimal for a sidearm grip. 

Latitude 64 River Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers 

Speed: 7

Glide: 7

Turn: -1

Fade: 1

In our own experience, we've found the flight numbers from Latitude 64 on the River to be slightly off. While they are accurate for beginners, advanced players will find it to be considerably more understable than suggested. More like a -2, or a -3.

Latitude 64 River Flight Path Chart

Here's a chart to give you an idea of the Latitude 64 River's flight path.

River flight chart to show the flight path of the latitude 64 river

Image source Latitude 64


Here's a quick rundown on the Latitude 64 River in specific plastics. 

Opto: Opto Rivers are generally the most overstable. Opto can be compared to Champion and Z.

Gold: These Rivers are slightly less stable than Opto. They are also grippier. You can compare Gold to Star and ESP.

Moonshine: A River in Moonshine will fly pretty similarly to Opto. 

Opto Air: These are a great choice for beginners. The lighter weight makes the River more understable, and it'll fly further!

See this Latitude 64 plastic guide to learn more.


The River was approved back in 2010! Since then it's been a favorite amongst Latitude 64's fans. 

See the PDGA-approved River here.

Manufacturer - Latitude 64

Latitude is one of the three brands from Trilogy. The others are Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs. Their factory is located in Northern Sweden, and their discs and plastics are top-class!

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Learn more about the River on Latitude 64's site.

Here is what Latitude 64 has to say about the River:

River is one of our most popular discs of the past decade, probably due to it’s tremendous GLIDE. The River is a fairway driver for those accuracy shots that demands good control. It is easy to throw and fits most player’s power and skill levels. With small fade and amazing glide, you can really let it fly on those big anhyzer curves.

Here's a video on the Latitude 64 YouTube Channel featuring the River!



Skill Level Recommendations

Beginners - The Latitude 64 River is the perfect disc for beginners who just want to throw a little further!

Intermediate - You'll love this for long hyzer flips and turnovers. A great disc to have if you can throw forehands!

Advanced - You may want to find something a little more stable. You'll also find the high glide makes it susceptible to the wind. 

Pro - We're not aware of any pro players who use a River. If they do it would probably be for rollers.


Here are the dimensions the River was registered with at the PDGA.

Max Weight: 178.5gr

Diameter: 21.5cm

Height: 1.9cm

Rim Depth: 1.2cm

Rim Thickness: 1.8cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 17.8cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.6%

Rim Configuration: 30.50

Flexibility: 9.07kg

Pros and Cons


  • Massive glide
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Forehand-like backhand lines for intermediate players
  • Comfortable in the hand


  • Susceptible to the wind
  • A little too understable for players with a lot of power
  • Not great for sidearms


There are two main reasons to get a Latitude 64 River. The first is if you're a beginner. You can rely on its high glide and understability to give you consistent distance. 

If you're more advanced you can use the River to achieve smooth and easy backhand turnovers. This is especially useful if you don't throw forehands!


Ratings are on a scale of 1-10.

Stability: 5

Consistency of Flight: 7

Consistency in Wind: 6

Beginner Friendliness: 10

Distance Potential: 7.5

Control: 8

Utility: 7

Fun Factor: 9

Comparable Discs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the River good in the wind?

The River is not very reliable in the wind. Its domy flight plate and high glide make it prone to strong gusts. Don't fear beginners, this is not going to be as much of a problem for you!

Is the River good for backhand?

The River is an amazing backhand disc! Use it for straight hyzer flips, or massive turnovers. You achieve just about every turnover line with this disc.

Is the River good for forehand?

The River is not ideal for sidearms. It is not very torque resistant due to the Domey flight plate and the understable flight.

What are the River's flight numbers?

The River has a speed rating of 7, a glide rating of 7, a turn rating of -1, and a fade rating of 1.