Innova Rollo Overview

Disc Golf Deals USA brings you the Innova Rollo for sale, a very understable midrange with one shot type in mind, the roller. It was PDGA approved on April 24, 2023. It is a great disc for amateurs to learn how to throw rollers and for beginners to get a straight flight on upshots.

Innova Rollo Overview

Most Innova molds are designed for a variety of uses and shot shapes. The Rollo, on the other hand, was designed with one, specific shot in mind - the roller. With that being said, it is also the perfect midrange for beginners to achieve a straight flight, and for less advanced players to learn how to throw hyzer flips. With more power behind it, the Rollo will have an extreme flip up and long turn.

  • Ideal Roller Disc
  • Great for Extreme Turnovers
  • Straight Flight for Beginners

Innova Rollo Specs

The Innova Rollo Specs give this midrange a 5/6/-4/1 flight rating. The roller is a shot that more players will need to learn to compete at the highest level and what better disc to learn with than the Rollo, designed to be so understable that rollers are effortless.

  • Sharp Rim
  • Effortless Rollers
  • Good for All Skill Levels

Innova Rollo Plastics

Being a newer disc, the Rollo isn’t available in too many plastics. It was released in Star plastic and has since been released in a special edition Champion Glow run. Whatever the plastic, you need a Rollo in your bag. They are so fun to throw and can create some unique and interesting lines. You can find the Innova Rollo for sale in these plastics:

Innova Rollo Comparisons

It’s tough to find midranges quite as understable as the Rollo but there are a few with similar understability. Two discs from Discraft that share a very understable flight are the Archer and the Sol. You can see more discs with a comparable flight below.

Close Comparisons: 

Innova Rollo Characteristics

Rounding out our Innova Rollo review is our top ratings for this disc. The Rollo is a very unique disc that is ideal for short rollers, or just for learning to throw rollers. It is a versatile midrange as rollers aren’t its only use. It can be very good for hyzer flips, long turnovers, or just for new players needing a disc that will fly straight. 

We use a 1 to 10 scale to rate the product characteristics, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Check out our ratings below!

Stability: 2

Consistency of Flight: 6

Consistency in Wind: 3

Beginner Friendliness: 10

Distance Potential: 5

Control: 6

Utility: 8

Fun Factor: 10