Discmania MD3 Overview

The Discmania MD3 is a versatile mid-range disc celebrated for its consistent flight and reliable performance. The Originals line MD3 produced by Innova was PDGA approved on March 29, 2013. It has now been retooled and is produced by Discmania, the new model being PDGA approved on July 5, 2021. The MD3 has become a staple in the bags of disc golfers seeking a well-balanced disc suitable for a variety of mid-range shots. With its dependable stability and comfortable feel, the MD3 appeals to both seasoned players and those looking to enhance their mid-range game.

Discmania MD3 Review

The Discmania MD3 impresses with a consistent flight that offers players a blend of straight flight and controllability. This mid-range disc is known for its versatility, handling both straight shots and gentle turnovers with ease. With a comfortable grip and reliable performance, the MD3 has earned a reputation as a reliable workhorse in the mid-range category.

  • Consistent & Controllable Flight
  • Versatile Midrange
  • Good for Many Shot Types 

Discmania MD3 Specs

The Discmania MD3 specs give this midrange flight ratings of 5/5/0/1. These specifications highlight the MD3's balanced design, offering a very slight turn and a soft, reliable fade, making it suitable for a variety of mid-range shots.

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Neutral Flight
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels

Discmania MD3 Plastics

The Discmania MD3 is available in various plastics, each contributing to its feel and flight characteristics. Players can choose from a small selection of Discmania’s beautiful new plastics from the grippy S-Line to the durable C-Line. Disc Golf Deals USA has the Discmania MD3 for sale in these plastics:

Discmania MD3 Comparisons

The Eagle McMahon Iron Samurai is based off the MD3, with the same straight, reliable flight, but it comes in more plastics and with some cool stamps! A straight midrange is important for beginners starting out and also for more experienced players as a disc they can trust through the woods and on straight lines.

Close Comparisons:

Discmania MD3 Characteristics

In conclusion, the Discmania MD3 is a reliable and versatile mid-range disc that excels in providing consistent and controlled flights. Coming in many plastics, there will be a MD3 to suit your preferences. Since Eagle has left Discmania to join MVP there will probably never be another run of Iron Samurai so pick one up while you still can!

We use a 1 to 10 scale to rate the product characteristics, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Check out our ratings below!


Stability: 6

Consistency of Flight: 8

Consistency in Wind: 6

Beginner Friendliness: 7

Distance Potential: 6

Control: 7

Utility: 6

Fun Factor: 6