Innova Firebird Overview

The Innova Firebird is a legendary and reliable fairway driver designed to tackle challenging conditions and deliver consistent, controlled flights. PDGA approved on March 21, 2000, the Firebird has become a staple in the bags of disc golfers worldwide, known for its overstability and dependable fade. Whether navigating strong headwinds or executing precise hyzer shots, the Firebird is a trusted choice for players seeking a reliable, overstable fairway driver.

Innova Firebird Review

The Innova Firebird earns its reputation as a workhorse fairway driver, offering players a consistently overstable flight. Disc golfers appreciate the Firebird's ability to handle strong headwinds with ease and its dependable fade, making it an ideal choice for controlled hyzer shots. With a comfortable feel in the hand, the Firebird is a go-to disc for players looking to navigate challenging fairways and execute precision drives.

  • Consistently Overstable
  • Reliable in Strong Headwinds
  • Good for Forehand & Backhand

Innova Firebird Specs

The Innova Firebird specs give this disc flight ratings of 9/3/0/4. These specifications highlight the Firebird's minimal glide and substantial fade, making it a reliable choice for shots that need a hard fade.

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Strong Fade
  • Dependable Flight

Innova Firebird Plastics

The Innova Firebird is available in many of Innova’s plastics, each providing a different feel, with varying levels of stability and durability. A plastic like DX will provide less stability than others, and will beat in quicker to change the flight. Champion will be the most overstable and stay intact even after taking many tree hits. 

Innova Firebird Comparisons

When compared to other fairway drivers, the Innova Firebird stands out for its consistent overstable flight and dependable fade. Discs this overstable are not recommended for beginners, but can be a great versatile, utility disc for advanced players. They are useful tools for both forehands and backhands, as well as overhand shots and grenades.

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Innova Firebird Characteristics

In conclusion, the Innova Firebird is a trusted and overstable fairway driver that excels in providing consistent flights and controlled fades. When you need the disc to cut sharply toward the ground, maybe even with a little skip, reach for the Firebird.

We use a 1 to 10 scale to rate the product characteristics, where 1 is the lowest and 10  is the highest. Check out our ratings below!


Stability: 9

Consistency of Flight: 9

Consistency in Wind: 9

Beginner Friendliness: 1

Distance Potential: 6

Control: 6

Utility: 8

Fun Factor: 6