MVP Wave Overview

Disc Golf Deals USA brings you the MVP Wave for sale, a very popular stable to understable distance driver. The Wave was PDGA approved on February 6, 2015. It is a perfect driver for all players as beginners will find it to be an easy distance driver to start on, and more advanced players can get quite an understable flight out of it. 

MVP Wave Review

The Wave is a popular disc among disc golfers as it provides a good flight for players of all skill levels. Even professionals like Simon Lizotte have the Wave as a staple in their bag. It will have a straight flight with a late turn before the soft fade kicks in after a long, gliding flight. The Wave can perform on a variety of lines from anhyzers to hyzerflips to headwind-assisted turnovers.

  • Controllable Flight
  • For All Skill Levels
  • Consistent Flight

MVP Wave Specs

The MVP Wave specs give this driver an 11/5/-2/2 flight rating. It has a comfortable rim giving it a good feel in the hand. The flight path has been described as a longer Inertia and has a responsiveness that makes it useful across the power spectrum.

  • Sharp Rim
  • Responsive Flight
  • Comfortable Grip

MVP Wave Plastics

The MVP Wave comes in many different plastics and also has a decent amount of special edition runs. The Wave comes in MVP’s durable premium plastics Neutron and Proton. You can also buy it in the colorful Cosmic Neutron plastic, and in Plasma and Fission. There is also a special edition run of the Wave in Eclipse 2.0, and if you’re into dyeing your own discs, you can find the Wave in both Neutron and Fission Dyer’s Delight discs. Disc Golf Deals USA has each plastic variant of the Wave for sale:

MVP Wave Comparisons

There are several molds from other brands that match the flight ratings of the Wave. From Discraft there is the Scorch and Surge SS. From Discmania the Active Line Mentor has a comparable flight, as does the Mystere from Innova.

Close Comparisons:

MVP Wave Characteristics

Rounding out our MVP Wave Review is our top ratings for this disc. We love how consistent and reliable the Wave is, being able to perform with many different shot types. Players of all skill levels will love the Wave and find a place for it in their bag.

We use a 1 to 10 scale to rate the product characteristics, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Check out our ratings below!

Stability: 5

Consistency of Flight: 7

Consistency in Wind: 5

Beginner Friendliness: 7

Distance Potential: 8

Control: 8

Utility: 5

Fun Factor: 6