Innova Tern Overview

Collection: Innova Tern Overview

The Innova Tern is a high-speed distance driver that has made its mark with its impressive glide and versatile flight characteristics. It was PDGA approved on December 3, 2012, and has since become a popular choice for disc golfers seeking a disc that combines speed, distance potential, and control. Known for its ability to cover long distances with graceful turns and reliable fades, the Tern is a go-to driver for players looking to unleash powerful drives with precision.

Innova Tern Review

The Innova Tern lives up to its reputation as a high-speed distance driver, offering players an exciting combination of speed and glide. Disc golfers appreciate the Tern's ability to cover impressive distances with ease, making it suitable for a variety of arm speeds. With its long, graceful turn and reliable fade, the Tern allows players to shape shots and navigate the fairway with confidence, making it a valuable addition to both amateur and professional bags.

  • Max Distance Potential
  • Impressive Glide
  • Graceful Turn

Innova Tern Specs

The Innova Tern specs give this disc flight ratings of 12/6/-3/2. These specifications highlight the Tern's high-speed design, substantial glide, high turn, and slight, reliable fade, offering players a disc that excels in controlled long-distance flights.

  • Good for Slower Arm Speeds
  • Easy Hyzer Flip
  • Great for Controlled Drives

Innova Tern Plastics

The Innova Tern is available in a wide variety of Innova’s plastics. The Tern is available in Champion which is more overstable than other plastics. The Innova Champion Tern has flight ratings of 12/6/-2/2. If you have a slower arm speed it is better to get the Tern in a more understable plastic. You can find the Innova Tern for sale in these plastics:

Innova Tern Comparisons

High-Speed understable distance drivers are a great tool for players with less arm speed to reach new maximum distances and can even be good rollers for power throwers. There are many discs such as the Discraft Thrasher that have a similar flight to the Tern.

Close Comparisons:

Innova Tern Characteristics

In conclusion, the Innova Tern is a high-speed distance driver that excels in providing impressive glide, controlled flight, and versatility on the course. The long distance hyzer flip to turn is an important part of a serious player's game, and a good option for lower power players looking to get extra distance.

We use a scale of 1 to 10 to rate the product characteristics. Check out our ratings below!


Stability: 4

Consistency of Flight: 6

Consistency in Wind: 5

Beginner Friendliness: 6

Distance Potential: 9

Control: 6

Utility: 6

Fun Factor: 6