Discraft Tour Series 2024 Release

Collection: Discraft Tour Series 2024 Release

What Are Tour Series Discs?

Every year each member of the Discraft Elite Team gets to pick their tour series mold. These molds are then produced in a completely new plastic with unique stamps as limited edition discs! The sales from an Elite Team member's disc contribute to their touring efforts for the year. This means you can support your favorite pros on tour and pick up some sweet plastic at the same time!

Discrafts Elite team currently consists of 12 players: Paul Mcbeth, Paige Pierce, Missy Gannon, Anthony Barela, Adam Hammes, Holyn Handley, Aaron Gossage, Chris Dickerson, Valerie Mandujano, Brodie Smith, Ezra Alderhold, and Corey Ellis. With a disc for each player, you can purchase from a range of 12 distinct molds!

About The New Jawbreaker Z FLX Plastic

One thing stands out more than anything else about the new Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic. It looks absolutely incredible! This must be in the top 5 most amazing-looking plastics of all time. You can only see to believe the awesomeness of jawbreaker swirls on clear plastic like Z FLX.

Moving on to the functional side of the plastic (for those of you who won't leave these hanging on your wall) we have a few key benefits.

  1. The flexibility and tackiness should give this disc a stickier landing than the majority of premium blend plastics.
  2. The flexibility and grip make the plastic ideal for cold and wet conditions.
  3. You can expect these to be a little overstabler out of the box, with a decent break-in period.

Paul McBeth 2024 Discraft Tour Series Kratos

Paul McBeth Tour Series 2024

The biggest change for this year's Discraft 2024 tour series is PMcB's new choice of mold. Rather than the Discraft Luna, he's changed over to his newest mold, the Kratos. Based on the Luna the Kratos is a shallower and beaded version, with added stability. This makes it a great driving putter, and the Jawbreaker Z FLX will make it even better!

These are likely to be the most popular mold in this release. Pick up a Tour Series Kratos quickly, before that awful out-of-stock message appears!

Paige Pierce 2024 Discraft Tour Series Passion

Paige Pierce Tour Series 2024

The second biggest change, Pierce has changed from the Fierce to her new Passion. An all-round fairway driver, great for advanced and beginners alike! Discraft expects this run to come out of the box with some extra stability. If you're a fan of using the same mold for different shots, this run is a must-have!

Pick your favorite variation of the Discraft Tour Series Passion, but don't take too long doing it! This is a limited edition disc release.

Missy Gannon 2024 Discraft Tour Series Thrasher

Missy Gannon Tour Series 2024

This year Missy Gannon will be sticking to her choice of years past, the Thrasher. Like Missy, the Thrasher will help you to achieve easier distance! Its understability allows for a hyzer flip, turn, and then fade for max distance. If you're a fan of her past Tour Series Thrashers, this year's version in the Jawbreaker FLX is a must-have!

Anthony Barela 2024 Discraft Tour Series Venom

Anthony Barela Tour Series 2024

For the second year running AB has selected the Discraft Venome as his Tour Series Disc. It's a retooled disc for those with significant arm power, like Anthony! Designed for max distance forehand flicks the Jawbreaker Z FLX compliments it perfectly.

Ready to tackle some headwinds? Flick the 2024 Tour Series Venom through the worst of them!

Adam Hammes 2024 Discraft Tour Series Zone

Adam Hammes Tour Series 2024

Adam Hammes decided to stick with his long favorite (ours too) Discraft Zone. The Zone is a great driver for shorter holes and an insanely reliable option for approaches! For even more reliability you can trust the Jawbreaker FLX to hit the brakes quicker on touchdown.

If you haven't tried a Zone yet now's the best time! If you don't love it (Spoiler: It's unlikely!) at least the 2024 Tour Series Zone will look great on your wall, Right?

Holyn Handley 2024 Discraft Tour Series Vulture

Holyn Handley Tour Series 2024

Holyn Handley just made the Discraft Vulture her Tour Series disc for the second time. If strategy and control are your thing, the 2024 Tour Series Vulture may come in Handley!

If you need glide with moderate overstability the Vulture is a great choice!

Aaron Gossage 2024 Discraft Tour Series Raptor

Aaron Gossage Tour Series 2024

Aaron "The Goose" Gossage has chosen the Raptor as his 2024 Tour Series mold. If you're a powerful forehand player you need Raptor, or something similar! For the many of us who don't have solid forehands, we can still use the Raptor as a wind fighter, for flex shots, and for BH meathooks!

Snag a 2024 Tour Series Raptor to get a great disc, and support this amazing player. He nearly toppled PMcB at worlds!

Chris Dickerson 2024 Discraft Tour Series Buzzz

Chris Dickerson Tour Series 2024

It's the good ol Buzzz 3rd year running Chris Dickerson! This beautiful version of the world's most popular disc is going to be hard for us Buzzz fans to resist! If you're learning disc golf the Buzzz is a great choice. You'll still be using it when you're a touring pro! Just ask Chris.

Will the 2024 Tour Series Buzzz be a little beefier? Or perhaps the great feel of Jawbreaker Z FLX will be its greatest quality!

Valerie Mandujano 2024 Discraft Tour Series Scorch

Valerie Mandujano Tour Series 2024

Valerie went with her much loved Scorch this year. Offering easy distance and control for those cutting their teeth on distance drivers, or rollers and turnovers for seasoned players, this is a versatile disc!

If you're expecting straight flight, massive glide, and great distance from the 2024 Tour Series Scorch you're dead right!

Brodie Smith 2024 Discraft Tour Series Zone OS

Brodie Smith Tour Series 2024

The Zone OS has already created a lot of hype this year among all the avid Zone fans. Bro