Innova TeeBird3 | Fairway Driver

Looking for something a little faster and slimmer than a TeeBird? The Innova TeeBird3 is waiting to jump right into your bag! It's essentially a flatter and faster TeeBird, but the differences go deeper.

While the TeeBird has been the fairway of choice for players like Ken Climo, the TeeBird3 has been a staple fairway for the likes of PmcB and Ricky Wysocki when they played for Innova! 

Innova TeeBird3 Review

While the TeeBird3 has similar flight characteristics to the TeeBird, there are a few differences that make the faster version preferable to many players!

TeeBird3's fly straighter, faster, and further! You can use them for a massive array of lines. They also beat in to a range of stabilities, which is one of the reasons pro players love them! 

The TeeBird3 does take a little extra arm speed, but when thrown right it is slightly more understable than a TeeBird. The key differences are the flatter top, lower glide, shallower profile, and faster flight!


The TeeBird3 is extremely versatile when it comes to backhands! You can release it flat for a long straight flight with a moderate fading finish. It's sweet for long sweeping hyzers when you need some extra distance that slower fairway drivers just won't achieve! 

If you throw it on anhyzer things start to get interesting! Throw it high and left on a big anhyzer and watch it swoop back right (rhbh). Then the stability kicks in at the end and your TeeBird3 will flatten out for a gentle landing! This is great when you don't throw sidearm, or your forehands just don't have the distance you need!

Do note that these turnovers require more space. For tighter lines use a Leopard3. You can have these hyzer flip and turn over for tighter lines!

Looking for a far-flying dead straight disc? The TeeBird3 is too overstable, but wait! Get a 150 - 160 gram star TeeBird3 and you'll be amazed! Backhand and forehand.


While we didn't love the TeeBird for forehands, the TeeBird3 is a different story! It has more speed and a shallower profile! It has the stability to handle the sidearm torque! 

Beginners will love a light Teebird3 for sidearms! You should be able to get some turn when you throw it flat, and then a dependable fade back!

Advanced players will love the TeeBird3 for its perfect blend of control, accuracy, and distance! It's smooth out of the hand, and speeds to its target, the basket!


In our opinion, the TeeBird3 feels even better than its predecessor! The chief reasons are the flat top and shallower profile. This disc feels just right in the hand, and comes out like a bullet on both forehand and backhand throws!

side profile of the Innova TeeBird3

Image source: PDGA

Innova TeeBird3 Flight Numbers

Flight Numbers 

Speed: 8

Glide: 4

Turn: 0

Fade: 2

Innova's numbers for the TeeBird3 are very accurate. If we were to redo them we'd change the turn to a -0.5. While the flat top warrants the glide rating of 4, the higher speed makes it feel like 5!

Innova TeeBird3 Flight Path Chart

Here's a chart to give you an idea of the Innova TeeBird3's flight path.

Innova TeeBird3's flight path shown on a flight chart for both forehand and backhand shots


Champion: These are the most overstable TeeBird3s. They generally have more dome than Star, but this can change from run to run!

Star: These are the favorite here at DGD! They're slightly less stable and wear in gradually to a straighter flight. A top pick for disc cycling! Let's not forget the added grip over Champion. If you want a straight fairway try a 150-gram Star TeeBird3!

Gstar: These TeeBird3s are grippy, flexible, and awesome! They feel great, have a flat top, and will generally be a little more understable than Star and Champ!

DX: These will be the flippiest and stiffest out of the box. Beginners will enjoy them once they've beaten in to a more understable flight. 

See this Innova plastics guide to learn more!


The TeeBird3 is a relatively new disc approved by the PDGA in 2017. That's a whole 18 years after the original TeeBird! Since then it's been a favorite of pro and recreational players alike! Just Paul McBeth, although he may have to be careful with his sponsorship for Discraft!

See the PDGA-approved TeeBird3 here.

Manufacturer - Innova

Innova is still the largest producer of disc golf discs. They're also the oldest! Innova Discs has an incredible lineup of molds, allowing you to build the perfect bag! The TeeBird3 is one of the most popular fairway drivers in that lineup. 

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Learn more about the TeeBird3 on Innova's site.

Here is what Innova has to say about the TeeBird3:

The TeeBird3 represents the evolution of the TeeBird. Many people have described a lot of discs as a "faster TeeBird", but this is the real deal. The flat flight plate promotes speed while reducing glide, effectively producing consistent, accurate flights. This is a point and shoot, target specific fairway driver.

Here's a video on Innova's YouTube Channel that features the TeeBird3!



Skill Level Recommendations

Beginners - If you're wanting to use this as a driver get one in DX. If you're looking for a sidearm disc try out a 150-gram Star TeeBird3.

Intermediate - Looking for a reliable go-to fairway driver? The Innova TeeBird3 is for you! You can rely on its versatility to add a wide range of shot shapes to your arsenal!

Advanced - The TeeBird3 is perfect for advanced players. You'll be able to throw it crazily far but with accuracy! Players with a big arm could well achieve 400-foot-plus distances! Let's also not forget how awesome it is for controlled sidearms!

Pro - You don't get more pro than Paul and Ricky?

Pros Who Throw The Innova TeeBird3

Yes, Ricky Wysocki and Paul McBeth both loved the TeeBird3 when they were on the Innova Pro Team! Anthony Barela also used them during his stint with Innova.

  • Paul McBeth
  • Ricky Wysocki
  • Anthony Barela


Here are the dimensions the TeeBird3 was registered with at the PDGA.

Max Weight: 176.0gr

Diameter: 21.2cm

Height: 1.7cm

Rim Depth: 1.1cm

Rim Thickness: 1.8cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 17.5cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%

Rim Configuration: 29.25

Flexibility: 9.41kg

Pros and Cons


  • Flies far
  • Feels like 5 glide
  • Comfortable rim
  • Works forehand and backhand
  • Low profile makes it wind resistant.
  • Can be used for a variety of shot shapes
  • Favorite of the pros


  •  There aren't any!


We highly recommend the TeeBird3 to any player looking for a versatile, reliable, go-to fairway driver. With that touch of extra speed, you can expect it to fly further than most other fairways. The feel of the disc is incredible and it flies beautifully forehand and backhand! 


Ratings are on a scale of 1-10.

Stability: 7

Consistency of Flight: 9

Consistency in Wind: 8.5

Beginner Friendliness: 7 (Use a lighter one)

Distance Potential: 8.5

Control: 8

Utility: 7

Fun Factor: 7

Comparable Discs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TeeBird3 good in the wind?

Yes, the TeeBird3 is even better in the wind than the TeeBird! This is due to the flatter top, shallower profile, and higher speed! You can trust this disc forehand and backhand!

Is the TeeBird3 good for backhand?

Yes, the TeeBird3 is an excellent choice for backhand lines! You can throw long sweeping hyers, straight shots with a reliable finish, and massive turnovers, all with the TeeBird3!

Is the TeeBird3 good for forehand?

The TeeBird3 makes an amazing forehand disc for a wide range of players! The shallow profile and comfortable rim make it feel good in the hand. In terms of flight, it has the stability to hand forehand torque. You should be able to throw straight side arms that finish with a fade, and gentle flexes! For dead straight forehands try out a 150-gram TeeBird3 in Star plastic!

What are the TeeBird3's flight numbers?

The Innova TeeBird3 has a speed rating of 8, and glide rating of 4, a turn rating of 0, and a fade rating of 2.