OTB Open 2024 Special Releases

Collection: OTB Open 2024 Special Releases

2024 OTB Open Special Edition Discs

With the 2024 OTB Open just around the corner we're happy to annouce that MVP have released this year's special edition discs! The drop will rollout in 2 phases, with 6 unique discs per a phase.

Phase 1: Release date of 5/1/2024
  • Proton Soft Glitch
  • Proton Soft Tempo
  • Prism Proton hex
  • Proton Soft Paradox
  • Color Eclipse Drift
  • Eclipse Servo
Phase 2: Release Date of 5/15/2024
  • Eclipse Watt
  • Proton Soft Hex
  • Prism Neutron Trance
  • Neutron Soft Crave
  • Prism Proton Soft Vanish
  • Eclipse Orbital

The most notable of these is the Axiom Tempo. Released at the MVP 2023 circuit event, it's anticipation has caused quite a stir! The Tempo is rumored to be a shallower and straighter version of Zones and Entropies. Read on to learn more, or pick one up to experience the hype!

Read about all the phase one and two 2024 OTB Open Special Edition Discs below.

Axiom Proton Soft Tempo - 2024 OTB Open

OTB Proton Soft Tempo Purple

The most exciting disc of the 2024 OTB open drop, the Axiom Tempo! If what disc golfers are saying is true, this disc could be truly unique!

Said to be shallower than Zones and Entropies, this disc already sounds like forehand heaven. A common problem with shorter range forehand discs is their depth. That's one reason why beginners find it easier to throw drivers forehand. The Axiom Tempo might just be the best of both worlds!

The official flight stats for the Tempo are 4|4|0|2.5

Players of the MVP 2023 circuit event found the Tempo to less stable than expected. It remains to be seen if the OTB run will follow suit. If it does it would open up several uses for the Tempo.

Forehand Approaches - This may just be the perfect forehand approach disc for beginners. If you're not ready for the overstability of a Zone, consider a Tempo. As a bonus the shallower rim will help you to achieve a smooth release with no flutter!

If you're a more advanced disc golfer, and already love your overstable forehand approach disc, give the Tempo a yeet. It's straigter flight will be perfect for shots when there isn't room to fade or flex to the basket. Just pump the Axiom Tempo right down the middle!

Backhand Driving Putter - If you're looking for a stable and reliable driving putter that doesn't sacrifice distance, try the Tempo! Once again the shallower rim is a real perk. Many struggle to get a clean release and hit their lines with deeper putters.

The Axiom Tempo is for sale by pre-order ↑ above, Add it to your bag to end your forehand approach woes. It's time to up the Tempo!

MVP Proton Soft Glitch - 2024 OTB Open

OTB Proton Soft Glitch Blue

If you love the MVP Glitch, It's finally here in MVP's awesome Proton Soft plastic! To say nothing of the 2024 OTB special edition stamp. The Glitch is just a hype, it's here to stay as one of the straightest discs you'll ever throw. Rest assured, if hasn't yet the Glitch will blow your mind, hence the stamp.

Get your pre-order today to add the 2024 OTB Glitch to your collection, or to experience the madness for the first time! This is the first Proton Soft Glitch to be released!

Axiom Prism Proton Hex - 2024 OTB Open

Prism Proton Hex OTB Open 2024 Orange

Everyone loves Simon Lizotte, that's why everyone loves the Hex. Although Simon has undoubtly contributed to the Hex's soaring popularity, the disc itself deserves the lions share of the credit! It's extremely versatile, and somehow flys further than it's peers. It's fair to say that the Hex is not like other mids.

The 2024 OTB Open Hex is in the eyecatching prism proton plastic. Adding to eyecatchiness is a stamp to make your pals stop mid swing! The OTB Axiom Hex is for sale above ↑

Axiom Proton Soft Paradox - 2024 OTB Open

Proton Soft Paradox OTB Open 2024 Pink

MVP's most understable midrange is here, and it's pretty! New players will fall in love with the Paradox's easy flip up. Need a roller? The Axiom Paradox is on a roll!

The 2024 OTB Paradox is made with Proton Soft plastic. Could this be an understabler version?

Streamline Color Eclipse 2.0 Drift - 2024 OTB Open

Eclipse Drift OTB

Drift into the world of color glow at the OTB Open! The Streamline Drift will float through wooded fairways! Use it as an easy to hyzer flip disc, or for smooth turnovers that resemble long forehands.

Back when pictures were in black and white disc golfers through glow discs. Now we throw color glow! If you love death putts the 2024 OTB stamp on the Drift is just for you!

MVP Eclipse 2.0 Servo - 2024 OTB Open

Eclipse Servo Glow OTB Open 2024

The MVP fairway driver to Servo all your needs! It's one of those discs that cause you to regret buying a bigger bag. The MVP Servo bridges the gap between fairways and mids, a slot that's missing in a lot bags!

If you already love the Servo, pick this one up for your glow rounds! The OTB Open Servo features MVP's Eclipse 2.0, one of the brightest glow plastics out there. Let's not forget to mention that the stamp is one of the coolest you'll see in this drop!

Phase 2

All the discs mentioned from here on will be included in phase 2 of the 2024 OTB Open drop. You can still pre-order them off our site, just expect them to take little longer to get onto your porch! The early birdie catches the worm.

Axiom Prism Neutron Trance - 2024 OTB Open

prism neutron trance Blue

Finally a larger run of the Axiom Trance! (Not that large, better order soon:) The Trance was PDGA approved all the way back in 2022, but hasn't been available in large quanitites until now!

Axiom Trance flight numbers: 8 | 5 | -2 | 1

The few lucky owners of a Trance up till now have described it to be a longer Crave. Others have found its flight to be more on the overstable side. This makes it a really great all round fairway driver. You can throw turnovers with a flat release, and hyzer flips for ridiculously straight shots.

Reviewers found the disc to have plenty glide, complementing the easy distance. If you love the Crave, try the Trance for longer shots requiring a Crave's flight!

The Axiom Trance is for sale by Pre-Order above ↑. It's likely to be one of the quickest sellers of the 2024 OTB Open drop so snap out of your Trance and pick one up!

MVP Eclipse Orbital - 2024 OTB Open

OTB Eclipse Orbital Glow

The 2024 OTB Open welcomes the Orbital to the Eclipse glow plastic! A fantastic understable driver from MVP, this will fill a must have spot in your bag! A great beginners disc for backhand and forehand, this disc will transition you into the world of distance drivers.

If you're a more advanced player who lacks confidence in their forehand, give the orbital fling on backhand. You may just stop bothering about forehand altogether. This is also one of MVP's discs most suited to throwing rollers.

The 2024 OTB Open Orbital features a stamp that points to the future. Perhaps your future birdies with the Orbital?

Axiom Proton Soft Hex - 2024 OTB Open

OTB Proton Soft Hex

Phase 2 will feature another Hex, this time in sweet Proton Soft plastic! Once again we get another version of the disc that's taking the center spot in so many disc golfers bags.

If you're ready to shatter expectations the stamp on 2024 OTB Hex is for you! The Proton Soft will also give some extra grip when this beaut touches down.

MVP Eclipse Watt - 2024 OTB Open

Eclipse Watt Glow

Watt on earth? If you're a heavy metal fan you'll take an instant liking to this year's OTB Open Watt. Metal heads and disc golfers alike will love the extra stability offered with the Eclipse glow plastic. If the MVP Watt is your favorite driving putter you'll be thankful for a stable version when the wind picks up!

The special edition OTB Open MVP Watt is for sale above. Time for a glow round? This is so bright you'll think it is powered by electricity. Get this years MVP Watt on Preorder to secure yours right now!

Axiom Neutron Soft Cave - 2024 OTB Open

Neutron Soft Crave OTB Open 2024

MVP brings us yet another mammoth for phase 2! A softer version of the beloved Axiom Crave! As an added bonus MVP says that these came out flatter than usual. Rumors have it that these are flippier than your average Crave! If that's just what you need the Axiom Crave is for sale above.

If you're ready to tusk it out with your buddies for some friendy competition on the course, try the 2024 OTB Crave. It's consistent flight and sticky landing will boost your consistency!

Axiom Prism Proton Soft Vanish - 2024 OTB Open

OTB Prism Proton Soft Vanish

Take a step back on the teepad and watch your drive Vanish from sight! That's the thrill newer players will feel when throwing the 2024 OTB Vanish. With a balanced turn and fade, plus a lower speed, the Axiom Discs Vanish is a great choice for your first distance driver!

More advanced? The Prism Proton Vanish will give you controlled turnover backhands, or even rollers for those with more power. Don't forget it's also in Prism Proton one of the prettiest in the MVP plastic lineup!

These are limited stock so pick one up before they all Vanish!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 2024 OTB Open phase 1 discs arrive?

We're expecting MVP to ship us the Phase 1 discs in mid April. Once we have them we'll ship your order asap!

When will the 2024 OTB Open phase 2 discs arrive?

We're expecting MVP to ship the Phase 2 discs in early May. Once we have them we'll get yours to you asap!

Which discs are included in the 2024 OTB Open drop?

All the discs included in this years drop are as follows

  1. Proton Soft Glitch
  2. Proton Soft Tempo
  3. Prism Proton Hex
  4. Proton Soft Paradox
  5. Color Eclipse Drift
  6. Eclipse Servo
  7. Prism Neutron Trance
  8. Eclipse Orbital
  9. Proton Soft Hex
  10. Eclipse Watt
  11. Neutron Soft Crave
  12. Prism Proton Soft Vanish