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Axiom Prism Proton Hex - OTB Open 2024 (Pre-Order)

Axiom Prism Proton Hex - OTB Open 2024 (Pre-Order)

Speed: 5 | Glide 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1
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The Prism Proton Hex is here! Combine the best midrange ever with the special OTB run of Prism Proton plastic, and the custom stamp, and you have a winner disc! The Hex has found its way into an enormous portion of disc golfer's bags, and this run promises to continue that trend, as part of the OTB exclusive releases. 

This will be a limited and controlled smaller run. We don't know how fast these will sell out, so secure yours today! 

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” - Galadriel, Lord of The Rings

Pirate Nate makes his journey back to the OTB Open to remind us that small things can yield big results. What better way than to illustrate it on one of the best midrange discs in the game, the Prism Proton Hex! Tried and true, the Hex will quickly become the hero of your disc golf game - especially in gorgeous Prism Proton plastic. Embark on your very own quest with the 2024 OTB Open Prism Proton Hex!

The OTB Open 2024 is going to be the biggest MVP release of 2024! There are going to be 6 molds coming in each of the two phases, and some of the hottest discs in unique plastics, with custom stamps All proceeds go toward making the OTB Open bigger and better than every before, supporting a great tournament, and giving your favorite pros a bigger payout.

This is a pre-order. We will ship as soon as we are allowed to on release day, May 1st 2024. Colors & weights will vary. We can take requests of preferences in order notes, but no guarantees. In-stock discs ordered with the pre-order items will ship at the same time.

This is what MVP says about the Hex: "Mesmerizingly straight, with flight numbers of 5/5/-1/1, the Hex will find a place in anyone’s bag as a versatile and reliably straight midrange. At the highest arm speeds, the Hex will produce slightly understable lines from flat, but the 1 fade keeps it from flipping over completely. For lower arm speeds, the Hex has enough turn to make shaping lines a breeze. If you are looking for control in the woods, or simply a versatile line shaper, the Hex is the midrange for you."

This is commonly known as one of the best flick forehand mid-ranges in the game since it's launch, so really worth having in the bag!

Flight Ratings: Speed 5, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 1

About the plastic: Proton has a great feel in the hand, typically on the stiffer side and they are often semi-transparent in looks. They are one of the more stable plastics out of MVP besides Eclipse. These are extremely durable, and look really fantastic in vibrant colors. These come with the sparkly, prism rim on the outer gyro, which makes them absolutely beautiful with sparkly 2-tone! This plastic and rim combo can often be a little on the straighter to flippy side, which is just perfect for the Hex!
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