MVP Watt Overview

Disc Golf Deals USA brings you the MVP Watt for sale, a dead straight putter that is perfect for upshots, short approaches and even control & accuracy off the tee. The Watt was PDGA approved on March 21, 2022. It is a great throwing putter for beginners and professionals that exceeds expectations of how much glide a putter can have.

MVP Watt Review

The Watt has a huge amount of glide coupled with a straight flight allowing it to hold any line you put it on and fly towards the basket with consistency. It has been described as a “Max-Weight Glitch” having a very similar flight path, but in heavier weights which many players prefer and find to better suit their game. 

  • Laser Beam Straight
  • “Max-Weight Glitch”
  • Holds any Line

MVP Watt Specs 

The MVP Watt specs give this throwing putter a 2/5/-0.5/0.5 flight rating. It has a very similar shape to the Glitch, but it is slightly thicker overall, especially on the sides. It has a deeper profile that is exceptionally workable, producing laser straight lines, beautiful turnovers, and reliable grip when driving. 

  • Deeper Profile
  • Reliable Grip
  • Slightly Thicker than a Glitch

MVP Watt Plastics

The Watt only comes in one plastic, MVP’s durable premium plastic Neutron. This emphasizes the fact that it was designed to be a throwing putter, and it exceeds at being just that, as this plastic is not ideal for putting with. Neutron plastic is durable allowing discs to not beat in as fast. It also comes in Dyer’s Delight Neutron for those of you who like to add your own personal touch to your discs. You can find the MVP Watt for sale at Disc Golf Deals USA!

MVP Watt Comparisons

The Watt has been described as a “Max-Weight Glitch” and that perfectly describes the shape and flight. It has a very similar profile to the Glitch and has the same straight flight that will hold any line. Two other putters that are comparable to the Watt are the Streamline Pilot and the MVP Ohm, which was inspired by the Pilot but with the added feature of MVP’s gyro overmold. Both these discs share the characteristics of straight flight and lots of glide. 

Close Comparisons: 

MVP Watt Characteristics

Rounding out our MVP Watt Review is our top ratings for the disc. We love the Watt for its reliably straight flight, exceedingly good glide and its ability to go just where you want it to. We are sure that every player will find the Watt to be a great addition to their bag.

We use a 1 to 10 scale to rate the product characteristics, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Check out our ratings below!

Stability: 4

Consistency in Flight: 9

Consistency in Wind: 5

Beginner Friendliness: 9

Distance Potential: 5

Control: 8

Utility: 6

Fun Factor: 8