Discraft Zone OS Overview

Disc Golf Deals USA brings you the Discraft Zone OS for sale, a very overstable putt and approach disc made by Discraft. This beefy, overstable utility disc was PDGA approved on March 6, 2023. Discraft took their popular Zone mold, and added extra stability creating an absolute beefcake of an approach disc. Never fear a headwind again as the Zone OS has zero chance of turning over giving you a reliable option for whatever the conditions.

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Discraft Zone OS Review

The Zone OS is one of the most overstable approach discs in disc golf and the most overstable putt and approach disc that Discraft produces. Since its introduction, many pros and casual players have found a spot in their bag the Zone OS whether it be as a get out of jail utility disc, forehand approach disc, or a reliable headwind fighter. 

  • Very Overstable
  • For Advanced Players
  • Reliable in the Windiest Conditions
  • Utility Disc

Discraft Zone OS Specs

The Discraft Zone OS specs give this approach disc a 4/2/1/5 flight rating, about as overstable as it gets. It has a blunt rim and paddle top, providing a very comfortable feel in the hand for both forehand and backhand grips. The Zone OS is also a great choice for overhand shots.

  • Blunt Rim
  • Paddle Top
  • Comfortable Grip

Discraft Zone OS Plastics 

The Zone OS is available in 6 different plastics. It comes in three base plastics; Jawbreaker, Putter Line and Soft Putter Line. These will beat in faster and change the flight quicker making it slightly less stable, a great option for less advanced players. It also comes in the premium plastics Z and ESP. These will be more durable and provide a slightly more overstable flight. The Zone OS was also released in 2023 as Brodie Smith’s Tour Series disc in ESP Swirl plastic. Disc Golf Deals USA has each run of Discraft Zone OS for sale:

  • Jawbreaker 
  • Putter Line
  • Soft Putter Line
  • Z Line
  • ESP
  • Swirly ESP (Tour Series)

Discraft Zone OS Comparisons

The Zone OS was based on the Discraft Zone, but given a more overstable flight. There are many discs by other manufacturers that have a similar flight to the Zone OS. Calvin Heimburg’s Toro by Innova is a relatively new approach disc that is also very popular. Ricky Wysocki’s Sockibomb Slammer is a great headwind fighting or forehand approach disc. The Eagle McMahon Razor Claw’s are also a fan favorite overstable approach disc.

Close Comparisons:

Discraft Zone OS Characteristics

Rounding out our Discraft Zone OS Review is our top ratings for this disc. We love how consistent and reliable the Zone OS is, having a strong fade regardless of what line or angle you put on it. Beginners will be able to use it as a get out of jail disc, whereas more advanced players will have a broader use for it. 

We use a 1 to 10 scale to rate the product characteristics, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Check out our ratings below!

Stability: 10

Consistency of Flight: 9

Consistency in Wind: 9

Beginner Friendliness: 3

Distance Potential: 2

Control: 8

Utility: 8

Fun Factor: 9