Eagle Prism Proton Envy & Simon Pixel Release

Drop Timing:

  • The Rebirth and Pixel listings will appear on this page at 12AM EST (Midnight Thursday) or 9PM PST on Thursday evening
  • These are in hot demand so be sure check in here as they drop to guarantee you are able to choose the exact disc you want

Drop Overview:

It came as quite a shock to most disc golfers when Simon announced that he was leaving Discmania to go to MVP. What was even more surprising was that Eagle would join a year later. After rumors and strange teasers by MVP on social media, the news was finally made official in the craziest announcement video of all time. The Crush Boys would reunite.

Along with the news of Eagle joining Simon at MVP, is what will possibly be one of the biggest drops this year. The Pixel, a putt & approach disc designed by Simon as part of his Simon Line, will be released on the same day as the Rebirth, Eagle's Prism Proton Envy. These Envy's are the most beautiful run of Envy ever produced, and are among the prettiest discs you can find!

Pixel - 2/4/0/0.5: The Pixel will come in the three variations of the Electron plastic; Soft, Medium and Hard. It has a deep profile and a straight flight inside the circle. Perfect for putts with a little "pop" that will glide straight towards the chains.

Rebirth Prism Proton Envy - 3/3/0/2: One of the most popular throwing putters in the world is receiving a new look in the Prism Proton plastic. These Envy's will have a beautiful stamp and will provide a more overstable flight than most runs of Envy.

Show your support for Simon & Eagle by adding these two amazing discs to your collection!