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Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

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Are you ready to get some serious bang for your buck on this disc golf mystery box?  We do our utmost to provide exceptional value to our customers on these, and each Disc Golf Mystery Box we package will be a better value than if purchased separately - and really, these are collector's mystery boxes. We are adding some sick discs in here for you all! 

Packages Available

  • 1 Disc Box - $16.99
  • 3 Disc Box - $39.99
  • 5 Disc Box - $79.99 
  • 5 Disc Special Premium Box - $84.99
  • 7 Disc Deluxe Box -  $109.99 - 7 Discs

How Disc Golf Mystery Boxes Work

The fun of mystery boxes is 2-fold. Firstly, you get the ability to get a lot of really cool discs at discounted pricing, cheaper than you would have if you had ordered all of them individually. But then secondly, the whole fun of the mystery box starts when these ship to you, and you start to imagine what discs could possibly be in it!

We guarantee that there will be discs that you love in every box, with us picking some of the rarest discs out of our collections - such as BEEF Zones, Simon Lizotte Mindbender & Tilt, S-Line MD1, Special Edition OTB Drops such as Proton Trance, Prism Neutron Panic, as well as Kastaplast First Runs, Special Edition Discraft and much more. We never want you unhappy, and will make sure that this is not the case! This being said, all boxes are sold as-is with no exchanges.  If you are requesting an exchange, it's not truly a mystery box!

The breakdown of the different boxes will be something like the guidelines below. Note that this is just an indication of what you will get!

Rare Premium SE Premium SE Premium Base
7 Disc Deluxe 2 2 2 1
5 Disc Premium Special Box 3 2
5 Disc Box 1 2 1 1
3 Disc Box 1 1 1

We grab them randomly from our stack of goodies and collector editions and put together some beautiful bundles for you!

Single Disc Boxes are a chance for a fun surprise. Every one will be premium plastic, but at random whether special edition or stock plastic.

Here are some examples of the different discs in each category.

As part of the Rare Premium discs, there will be:

  • Lizottl Hex
  • Mindbender
  • FR & LR Kastaplast
  • BEEF Zone
  • Doombird
  • Tilts (Meta & Lux Vapor)
  • SE Z Luna

Premium SE discs:

  • OTB Open Discs (Trance, Proton Soft Envy etc)
  • Stratosphere, S-Line MD1
  • Captain's Raptor
  • Discraft TS
  • McBeth 6x discs

Premium Discs:

  • Stock Discraft/Innova/MVP & more

Base Discs:

  • Base plastic from Discraft/Innova/MVP etc
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dayton Enslow
Best Thing I’ve bought for discin yet!!!

Got a few discs through the mystery box. I went out and threw one of them and got my first ace. Idk what magic is in the mystery box but I cannot recommend it enough to a newer player with not much variety in the bag.

Worth it

Threw the single box into the cart on a whim and it ended up being a special edition glitch! Good looks disc golf usa

Eric G.

Bought the single disc mystery box. Excited to open it and received a 2021 Halloween eclipse insanity, needless to say, was very happy!

Fun mystery box

They sent me a bunch of OTB mvp discs so I can't complain. Great price too for a single disc

Brett Mckillip

Love the mystery box disc’s
Very satisfied with them!