Latitude 64 Team Series 2024

We have some great new plastic for your bag (or wall) with this year's Latitude 64 2024 Tour Series! The 2024 release will feature 10 discs from 7 of your favorite Latitude 64 pros. Notably Kristin Tattar got to choose 3 molds as her tour series discs, and we dare say she deserves them!

Besides Kristin, we also have discs from Silver Latt, JohnE McCray, Lauri Lehtinen, Kevin Keifer III, Rebecca Cox, Linus Carlsson, and Albert Tamm!

The molds featured this year are Pure, Rive, Fuse, Explorer, Strive, Sapphire, Compass, Trust, Claymore, and Saint Pro.

When you buy a Tour Series disc a portion of the sale will go to that pros touring efforts. If you enjoy watching these players rip on the course you can help them to continue, and pick up some great discs at the same time!

Read on for a quick word on each Latitude Tour Series disc release in 2024!

Latitude 64 Zero Medium Orbit Pure - Kristin Tattar 2024

Kristin Tattar has established herself as the top player in the FPO in the last year or two. Although it could be "Pure"ly skill the discs must help right? The Latitude 64 Pure is one of the straightest throwing putters in disc golf. It also makes a great putting putter for those who prefer shallower molds.

This year's Tour Series Pure is in the grippy Zero Medium plastic, to say nothing Orbit ring of color around the rim. Pick one of these up for your collection, or simply use it as a great-looking putter!

Latitude 64 Royal Grand Orbit Rive - Silver Latt 2024

One of the first discs released in the Royal line, the Rive is a fast and overstable distance driver. Think of it as a slightly faster, glidier, and more overstable Destroyer. Silver Latt loves the 2024 Tour Series Rive for backhand and forehand drives. If you have the arm the chances are that you will too!

Latitude 64 Opto-X Glimmer Fuse - JohnE McCray 2024

If you're looking for the most workable understable mid-range on planet Earth, you finally found the Fuse! JohnE McCray a disc golf legend uses it to this day! The 2024 Tour Series Fuse will be produced in Opto-X Glimmer plastic, so you can expect some beautiful discs!

Latitude 64 Opto-X Explorer - Lauri Lehtinen 2024

The Explorer is that fairway driver you pull out when open space gives you too many options. A consistent and reliable disc with just the right amount of stability, it's no wonder Lauri loves it on tour! Opto-X is harder and stiffer than Opto, so we can hope for a slightly more overstable version of the disc with the 2024 Tour Series Explorer.

Latitude 64 Grand Orbit Strive - Kevin Kiefer III 2024

Kevin suffered a season-ending knee injury last year, but he's back to Strive for greatness! A redesigned version of the Rive, the Strive will give you a little more distance! They pair well together, allowing you to make those small and crucial adjustments on the course!

The 2024 Tour Series Strive will be in the Grand Orbit plastic. Added to this is a neat-looking TS stamp.

Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Sapphire - Rebecca Cox 2024

Ever heard of a Gold Sapphire? Rebecca's Tour Series disc this year is an absolute gem! If you're a newer player the Sapphire is a great choice as your first distance driver! As an advanced player, you can expect turnovers smoother than butter! 

The 2024 Tour Series Sapphire is for sale above in grippy Gold plastic. This elephant clearly gets paid a little more than peanuts!

Latitude 64 Opto Ice Compass - Linus Carlsson 2024

If you start to lose your way, pull out a Latitude 64 Compass! One of the most awesome mids of all time, this disc is everything you look for in a midrange. It's straight with a touch of stability and can hold a variety of lines. Just the right amount of glide and a great feel are other standout features.

Stop loafing around and get your slice! The 2024 Tour Series Compass is for sale above. Linus will love you.

Latitude 64 Grand Orbit Trust - Albert Tamm 2024

Although Albert Tamm chose a midrange, he can still throw it further than your longest drive! A reliable mold with a touch more stability than the Compass, the Trust gives Albert the confidence he needs on tour. 

The 2024 Tour Series Trust is no joke, although we hope its stamp is. We nearly forgot to mention that it's featuring the Orbit ring on the rim!

Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Claymore - Kristin Tattar 2024

Kristin Tattar's second choice as her TS disc was the Claymore. It's the Buzzz's identical twin that no one talks about! You can expect all the same great qualities that the Buzzz is so well known for. A straight flight, that will hold any line. The only difference is that the Latitude 64 Claymore has a touch more glide.

The 2024 Tour Series Claymore will feature durable Gold plastic and an Orbit ring on the rim.

Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Saint Pro - Kristin Tattar 2024

Welcoming Kritin's workhorse fairway driver the Latitude 64 Saint Pro! As a touring pro Tattar knows that it's all about consistency, and boy is she consistent! Expect distance, glide, and a reliable fade from your Saint Pro. 

The 2024 Tour Series Saint Pro is made in Gold plastic and comes with an orbit ring on its rim.