6 Best Disc Golf Retrievers In 2024

6 Best Disc Golf Retrievers In 2024

Why spend money on a golf disc retriever when I could be buying more discs? That's what I used to think when I first started out playing 6 years back. Little did I realize that a disc retriever is an investment that will save you more discs in the long run. You're not getting back just any disc! You're reuniting with your favorite driver or your cherished putter!

Now if you're a little smarter than I was (not saying much), you're convinced that disc golf retrievers are the way to go! The question arises, do disc golf retrievers work? Almost all the designs out there do to a degree, but there are some that overperform in every way! That's why we've put together this list of the best disc retrievers for sale in 2024.

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If you're already familiar with disc retrievers, you can skip to our table and list of products below.

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What Sets The Best Retrievers Apart?

Not all disc golf retrievers are made equal. To base our reviews on fact rather than opinion we'll be ranking these retrievers on some specific factors. Here's a quick rundown of each factor.


So what makes the best disc retriever? The #1 ranking factor is effectiveness. Will this device actually get me my disc back? We'll be using our own experiences with these products to help you make the right choice the first time. Effectiveness will be ranked on a scale of 1-10.


How far will the retriever reach? Effectiveness is no good if you can't reach the disc in the first place! The 2 most common types of retrievers are string retrievers and telescopic disc golf retriever poles. In most cases, the stringed models have the upper hand in reach but lack effectiveness.

Water Retrieval

disc golf water hazard

Can the disc golf retrieval tool get your discs out of water? Most can, but this is another area where string retrievers tend to hold the advantage. The Dynamic Discs Retriever is a notable mention for getting discs out of water hazards.

Overturning stringed retrievers' water advantage, welcome the Max Distance Disc Golf Retriever. These feature a ball of suction cups on their ends. Surprisingly they stick to the disc even better when underwater! The Max Stick Retrievers are busy turning the disc golf retriever market on its head.


disc golf stuck in tree

This is where a stringed model becomes obsolete. You're more likely to get it tangled than to get your disc back! When it comes to discs stuck in trees, disc retriever poles have an overwhelming advantage.


This is quite an important factor to consider when choosing a disc retriever. They need to be compact and light, so as not to end up bothering you out on the course. If the retriever is in your way every time you pull a disc out of your bag, you're going to start leaving it behind!

String retrievers become the most compact when packed away, the only issue is that they're a mission to pack up. Picture yourself winding up a retriever, while your friends are getting birdies.

Telescopic poles are a little bulkier, especially the longer versions. Some higher-level disc bags have pockets for an umbrella, which disc retrievers can fit into. Retrievers with a disc frame are the most space-consuming. Retrievers with disc grabbers, and suction cup balls are not a problem.

Cost and Quality

Disc retrievers have gained a reputation for breaking. The main culprits are the cheap versions being sold in droves on Amazon. As mentioned earlier not all retrievers are alike and quality is a big differentiator.

When buying retrievers consider higher cost models as an investment. These will make up for their initial dollar amount in discs retrieved and in lifespan!

Once again Max Disctance answered a customer pain point with their line of disc retrievers. Max Disctance Retrievers allow users to take them apart entirely for maintenance, repairs, and individual part replacements.

Best Disc Retrievers

We've put together a table of our best disc retriever picks. You can use it to quickly compare our selections.









MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber) 20ft

Pole With Suction Cups 20ft 9 $$$$ Yes Yes 20"


MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever - 16ft

 Pole With Suction Cups







InZone Disc Golf Kwik-Stik XL 2021 Version Disc Golf Retriever

Pole with Disc Frame and Grabber 14ft 6 $$ Yes Yes 18"

MaxDisctance Max Stick Mini - 10ft Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber)

Pole With Suction Cups 10ft 7 $$ Yes Yes 13"

Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever

String With Disc Frame 15-35ft 3 $ Yes No N/A

MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber) 16.5ft

Pole with suction cups 16.5ft 8 $$$ Yes Yes 20"


Top Pick - MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber) 20ft

MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber)

New to the disc golf retriever scene MaxDisctance's line has taken off for one simple reason. They work. The suction cup disc golf retriever concept is surprisingly effective, and at the same time versatile. People often refer to it as the disc golf retriever with suction cups.

The telescopic pole allows for disc retrieval from water and, trees/bushes. I was surprised to discover that the suction is stronger for discs in the water. The 20ft length means you can reach discs stuck up high in trees. Either suction on or just knock them down.

We rate this model's effectiveness 9/10!

The carbon fiber quality is unmatched but does come with some cost. Material lightens the overall product. This makes it easier to use at full extension. As a bonus, you'll barely notice the added weight to your bag!

It's for sale here if you're ready to pick up the best disc retriever in disc golf!

Budget Pick - MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever - 16ft

MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever - 16ft

The budget version of MaxDisctance's line is a personal favorite. It has suction and versatility equal to the carbon fiber models. The only effectiveness you'll miss is the lightweight material and the extra 4 feet of reach.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is that this Max Disctance retriever cannot be taken apart. You won't be able to replace individual parts. In the case of failure, you may have to buy a new retriever.

We're rating the Max Disctance 16ft Retriever 8/10 for effectiveness.

Check it out here.

Most Versatile - InZone Disc Golf Kwik-Stik XL 2021 Version Disc Golf Retriever

InZone Disc Golf Kwik-Stik XL 2021 Version Disc Golf Retriever

The Inzone Kwik-Stik is a great design with some standout features! It extends to 14ft, and shrinks back down to 18". It's high-quality and comes with a similar price tag to our budget choice.

The versatility was introduced with the 2021 version. The Kwik-Stik comes with 2 attachments. A disc frame, and a disc golf grabber! These can quickly be swapped around on the threaded end.

The disc golf grabber tool is great for discs stuck in trees and thick rough, and can also be used to reposition the disc in water. When it comes to water hazards just swap on the disc frame attachment.

Unfortunately, the Kwik-Stick has had durability issues in the past. If you're looking for quality consider upgrading to a MaxDisctance retriever.

We rate the Inzone Kwik-Stik disc retriever 6/10 for effectiveness.

Find it here.

Most Compact - MaxDisctance Max Stick Mini - 10ft Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber)

MaxDisctance Max Stick Mini - 10ft Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber)

If you love the suction cup ball retriever design but want something small and light this is the one! Just like the other MaxDisctance carbon fiber designs, but with a shorter 10ft reach, this retriever shrinks to just 13 inches! It also comes at a lower price than its big brothers.

It can be taken apart for maintenance, repairs, and replacement. MaxDisctance has put together some great videos showing you how to do all of this.

Not lacking in effectiveness, but sacrificing some reach we're ranking it 7/10!

These are top-of-the-line retrievers! Check it out here.

Best String Retriever - Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever has been around for some time. This fan favorite is one of the best string retrievers on the market! It excels when you've lost your disc in murky water, and can't quite locate it. Using a search pattern you can drag this along the ground underwater, and find your disc with trial and error.

The downside is that you can't retrieve discs from trees. The retrieval is quite hit-and-miss, requiring an accurate throw. It also will take some packing away when you're done.

When it comes to reach this retriever comes in 15 and 35-foot versions, giving it the greatest length on this list! If you want to recover lost discs out of a lake, this is easier than building a lake rake. This is a good pick if you're looking for a disc golf water retriever.

We're rating the Golden Retriever for disc golf discs 3/10 for effectiveness.

MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber) 16.5ft

MaxDisctance Max Stick Disc Golf Retriever (Carbon Fiber)

This retriever is identical to our top pick, only shedding 3.5 feet of reach. At the same time, it sheds a significant dollar amount. If you want amazing functionality and effectiveness, and all the features of Max Disctances carbon fiber line, this is a great pick!

We're rating it 8/10. It drops one point on the 20ft version for the lost length. This is one of the best models in the Max Distance Retriever line!

See it here.


man using best disc golf retriever

Hopefully, this review on the best disc retrievers helps you to pick the "just right" option. Notably, Max Disctance retrievers shone above the rest, and I highly recommend you try one! Expect a pessimistic reaction from your course buddies, and then watch their jaws drop when you quickly save one of their discs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Disc Retrievers

What is a string retriever?

These retrievers feature a disc frame attached to a thin rope of varying lengths. These are for getting discs out of water and are not effective for discs stuck in rough and high trees.

What is a disc golf pole retriever?

These feature various attachments on the end of a telescopic pole. The telescopic poles extend to various lengths. Common attachments include disc grabbers, disc frames, and suction cup disc retrievers.

What is the best disc retriever in disc golf?

Our selection for the best disc retriever is the MaxDisctance 20ft Carbon Fiber Max Stick. It's durable, effective, fast, long, and can get discs out of trees and water!

How long should a disc retriever be for effective use?

Anything 10ft and up will be effective for short grabs. For longer reaches consider retrievers 20ft and up.

How important is the material of the disc retriever?

The material of a disc retriever is an important aspect to consider when selecting a product. Carbon fiber and aluminum are both durable and light, making them great choices!

Can disc retrievers easily retrieve discs from water and trees alike?

While string retrievers cannot, most disc golf pole retrievers can get discs out of trees and water.

What is the best disc retriever for someone on a budget?

We picked the MaxDisctance 16ft retriever as the best budget choice. It has amazing effectiveness, good reach, and high quality, with a bearable price tag.

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