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Preview: New Discraft Jawbreaker Z FLX Captain's Raptor Update

New Discraft Captain’s Raptor Update and Comparisons

The New Captain’s Raptor, Paul Ulibarri’s signature extra-overstable modified Raptor just got an update. This year’s model comes in Jawbreaker Z FLX Blend, which features a colorful, flexible plastic. You can finally pre-order the new Captain’s Raptor at Disc Golf Deals USA!

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Discraft Captain’s Raptor Overview

The CapRap is an overstable, modified Raptor that was made specifically for Paul Ulibarri and features an extremely overstable flight path. The flight numbers are: 9/3/1/4, giving the disc a dumping, hard fading finish. The new Discraft Captain’s Raptor will continue the legacy of the initial Special Z and Swirly ESP runs, with Jawbreaker Z FLX Blend plastic. Discraft Z FLX tends to be slightly gummy and Jawbreaker, although not the main plastic in this run of new Captain’s Raptor, gives discs a softer feel. 

Expected Characteristics of the New Captain’s Raptor

In the video Discraft dropped on 12/11, Paul Ulibarri gave us a review of the new CapRap. In this video he showed the profile and look of the 2024 Captain’s Raptor and he threw the disc on a number of lines. The disc flew reliable overstable, similar to previous versions. Ulibarri is quoted as saying that this year's versions has more give on the top, giving him more confidence in hitting his lines on the forehand and backhand. Uli said this version flexes out a bit slower but still has a very overstable finish. 

Captain’s Raptor Review

With the expectations of a softer flying CapRap for the new 2024 model, how would this compare to previous versions? The first model of the Captain’s Raptor is the most overstable and the Z blend is highly durable. The second version was still overstable, but had a much softer flight and tended to beat in faster. The new Jawbreaker Z FLX model may fit in between the first Z Blend model and a seasoned ESP model with added durability.

2024 Captain’s Raptor Expected Details

  • Beautiful Jawbreaker Z FLX Plastic
  • Softer finish, but still overstable
  • Fits in between 1st and 2nd model’s stability
  • Flexible, grippy feel, perfect for both backhand and forehand
  • Arrives January 19th, 2024

Have you pre-ordered the new Captain’s Raptor yet?

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