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Streamline Flare vs Discraft ESP Captain's Raptor Comparison

Quick Overview: The ESP Captain’s Raptor is an overstable beast, perfect for touchy, tight shots whereas the Streamline Flare in Eclipse 2.0 is a grippy, long-range stable driver with a surprising amount of distance potential.

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Discraft ESP Captain’s Raptor vs. Streamline Flare Overview 

The year 2023 has produced some wonderful overstable discs and the Streamline Flare and the Discraft ESP Captain’s Raptor have been no exception. These are two very overstable 9-speed drivers that lovers of discs like the Innova Firebird or Axiom Fireball might prefer for just a bit more fade. The ESP Captain’s Raptor and Streamline Flare are aggressive discs and benefit players of all levels in different ways. Beginners may lean on these discs for tight turns around trees or brush while more advanced players can rely on the overstability in wind and in situations where accuracy is key.

Discraft Captains Raptor Overview

Discraft Paul Ulibarri ESP Captains Raptor Driver

The Discraft Captain’s Raptor was released in its first iteration in late 2021 and was an immediate success. Almost every Discraft sponsored player from Paul Ulibarri, Paul Mcbeth to Ezra Aderhold and Corey Ellis bag a version of the overstable driver. The latest version of the Captain’s Raptor is made in swirly ESP and features the same mold as the previous Z model. The new Captain’s Raptor is just as aggressively overstable as the previous version while being just a hair straighter. We found the new ESP Captain’s Raptor to be perfect for situations where long-range accuracy or wind was a factor.

Streamline Flare Overview

Streamline Glow Flare Disc Golf Driver

The Streamline Flare was the second disc to be approved by the PDGA from the MVP brand company. It is a flat, wide-winged overstable driver with an aggressive fade and finish. The Streamline Flare has an interesting feel compared to many discs in the same overstable driver category, as its wing tends to flare out and feels more like a deep-rimmed 10 or 11-speed with the flight of a 9-speed. Much like the new ESP Captain’s Raptor, the Streamline Flare was predictably overstable in every situation. 

Discraft ESP Captain’s Raptor Review

Feel: The new Discraft ESP Captain’s Raptor is the perfect complement to the previous version released in late 2021. The ESP feels incredible with a soft give and great grip. Many players might find this version to fit in their hand better due to the slight give in the ESP plastic. The ESP plastic also gives the ESP Captain’s Raptor a new look with the swirls in the plastic.

Flight: The flight of the new ESP Captain’s Raptor is extremely overstable and consistent with the flight numbers of 9/3/1/4. Discraft gives the Captain’s Raptor a stability rating of 2.4, which compared to the stock Raptor’s rating of 2.1, we found this number to be a touch low. After testing this disc in multiple wind conditions and shot types, we found the disc to perform closer to a 2.5, similar in stability to a Discraft Flick with less distance potential. 

Streamline Flare Review

Feel: For this review, we tested the Streamline Flare in Eclipse 2.0 plastic. The Eclipse 2.0 plastic is highly grippy and has plenty of give without being floppy. Compared to Discraft ESP plastic, the Eclipse 2.0 plastic performed better in nearly all regards. The Streamline Flare has a slightly shallow rim feel; as mentioned previously, the wing is wide but not uncomfortable. 

Flight: The Streamline Flare is overstable and fast. When thrown hard and flat, the overstable driver will hold a straight line for further than expected and fade out predictably. This disc has a high level of distance potential for its flight numbers of 9/4/0/3.5 while still providing an aggressive level of fade. 

Discraft ESP Captain’s Raptor vs. Streamline Flare Comparison

Comparing the ESP Captain’s Raptor and Flare was enjoyable as the two overstable drivers accel in their own right. The new ESP Captain’s Raptor flies with a heavy amount of overstability and is predictable in every situation. The Streamline Flare flies far for its flight numbers and still provides an overstable finish each time. As far as comparing the Captain’s Raptor and Streamline Flare, we’d say that the two complement each other well, with the Captain’s Raptor erring on the side of stability and the Flare erring on the side of controllable distance. 

Discraft ESP Captain’s Raptor vs. Streamline Flare Ratings

Here’s a look at how we rated the Discraft ESP Captain’s Raptor and Streamline Flare

Most Stable Flight: Cap Rap

Straightest Flight: Flare

Most Maneuverable: Flare

Most Trustworthy: Cap Rap

Best in the Wind: Cap Rap

Furthest Flying: Flare

Best For Touch: Cap Rap

Best Feeling Plastic: Flare in Eclipse 2.0

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