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Beginner Disc Golf Dye Kit

Beginner Disc Golf Dye Kit

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✔ EASY TO USE DYE FOR DISC GOLF - the Disc Golf Dyeing Kit is made for beginners and includes all your standard colors to get started.

✔ CREATE BEAUTIFUL DISCS - the Disc Golf Dyeing Kit can make some amazing combinations, and the only limitation is your imagination!

✔ 6 DIFFERENT COLORS - the Disc Golf Dyeing Kit includes Sun Yellow Dye, Clear Orange Dye, Bright Red Dye, Blue Dye, Fern Dye, Lilac Dye.

✔ DESIGN ANY DISC COLOR COMBINATION - the Disc Golf Dyeing Kit can be mixed and used in any way to create the effects you want with shaving cream, lotion, conditioner, clear glue etc

✔ MADE FOR BEGINNERS - the Disc Golf Dyeing Kit has all your basic colors to make it a simple starting point in your dyeing journey!

By Popular Demand "Beginners Disc Golf Dyeing Kit" contains 6 x of the most beautiful colors to be used for dyeing Disc Golf Discs for amazing results!

This Kit has been designed exclusively for Disc Golf Dyers.

The colors and quantities included:

  • 10 gm. D120 Sun Yellow
  • 10 gm. D225 Clear Orange
  • 10 gm. D360 Bright Red
  • 10 gm. D459 Blue
  • 10 gm. D771 Fern
  • 10 gm. D885 Lilac

What Plastics work well with Dyeing?

Star, Echo Star, Champion, Opto, Gold Line, Recycled, and their equals across brands all work great. It does not work on cheaper plastics such as DX and Pro plastics, so it is better to buy cheaper X-outs or Factory Seconds if you want to get started.

What color discs should you use?

White and Yellow discs, or lighter/brighter discs in general really make the colors pop. Darker discs are not as effective as others, and particularly red, blue, and purple, tend to mute the colors to the point that they almost all look black. 

What are the different techniques you can use?

There are many different ways to dye discs. The most common is using shaving cream, conditioner, lotion or clear glue. All of these are great solutions to use with the dye.

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