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Disc Golf All-In-One Dyeing Starter Pack

Disc Golf All-In-One Dyeing Starter Pack

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THE ALL-IN-ONE DISC GOLF DYE KIT - This kit includes everything that you could possibly need to start dyeing discs. It includes 1 x white disc, 1 x 32oz lotion, 3 x foil trays, 6 x plastic mixing cups, 6 x syringes, 1 x magic eraser, and most importantly of all 6 different powder dyes

VIBRANT & LONG-LASTING COLORS - The Pro Chem disc dye is known to be the best available dye in the industry. It is trusted by many artists who make a living out of disc dyeing. The dye enters the fibers of the plastic to ensure that there is long-lasting color

CUSTOMIZE YOUR DISCS IN THOUSANDS OF DIFFERENT COLOR SCHEMES - When it comes to disc dyeing, the only limitation is your own imagination! If you can think it up, you can put it on a disc. Make your discs stand out on the course and be the envy of all your disc golfing buddies

MAKE YOUR DISCS EASIER TO FIND - Do you have that one disc that you love throwing but always lose in the woods because of the color? Don't replace it but rather dye it with some vibrant colors to make sure that you never lose it again

COMPATIBLE WITH VARIOUS PLASTIC TYPES - Pro Chem dyes are effective on all premium plastics, especially Innova Star, Discraft ESP, and other similar plastics. They still work but are not as effective on Innova Champion, Discraft Z line, etc. Base plastics tend to fade quickly due to the plastic make up

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Love everything about this set got me an innova caiman wish the syringes were squeeze bottles but after a couple dyes you definitely get your moneys worth highly recommend especially if you’ve been curious about dyeing