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Disc Golf Chalk Bag

Disc Golf Chalk Bag

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WHAT IS A DISC GOLF CHALK BAG – Disc Golf Chalk Bag is a chalk bag grip enhancer for Disc Golf and other sports. It helps absorb some moisture from your sweaty hands, but most of all gives increased grip!  INCREASE YOUR GRIP – the chalk bag is made for drying and increasing your grip with chalk on your hands. Professional weight lifters, rock climbers and more use chalk for enhanced grip. This is one of the essential disc golf accessories BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL SAW DUST BAGS – Chalk Bags are compact and add more grip than the old fashioned rosin and saw dust bags, giving you a natural and consistent grip with your hands on your discs.  HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – the bags are made from quality material to give a great feel in the hand, as well as a great look for your disc golf bag with the colorful geometry patterns!  COMES WITH INCLUDED GROMMET & CARABINER – the included grommet on the Disc Golf Chalk Bag means that you can clip or hang this on the side of your disc golf bag, belt or anywhere else that is practical


The Disc Golf Chalk Bag is one of the most versatile grip products ever, by combining ultra-absorbent material with high quality chalk to increase your grip.

The Chalk Bags are becoming more and more popular in Disc Golf. It provides much more consistent and longer lasting grip than sawdust-like filling. It gives you grippy chalk on your hands, the same as professional climbers and weight lifters, which other alternatives do not give.

The Chalk Sack wicks moisture away, and does this in any weather condition. The only residue left behind is the the chalk, giving you a clean, natural grip.

The Disc Golf Chalk Bag gives you confidence in your grip so you can focus on dominating your opposition.

Please contact us to setup bulk pricing or custom branded chalk bags

Bulk Pricing:

25 units - $6.49
50 units - $5.99
100 units - $5.49
250+ units - $4.99

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Knock off Tacky Sak

Looks familiar, doesn't last a season.



Jeremiah Vasko
Chalk bag

Excellent chalk bag definitely was a great purchase!!

Cute chalk bag

My daughter loved the bag! Unfortunately the carbine snapped at some point during travel and the bag fell out of the truck.

Ordered a replacement and she now stores in her cart.


Christopher Sacco
Chalk bag

The colors are cool, and the bag works just right!