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Discmania S-Line DD

Discmania S-Line DD

Speed: 11 | Glide 6 | Turn: -3 | Fade: 2
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This is the DD, our most understable Originals Distance Driver - Reinvented.

Step aside, it’s time to add some glide! An exciting addition to the Originals line ushers in a new era for long distance shots with the S-Line DD. As the name implies, DD stands for “distance driver” and that’s exactly what it’s going to offer. It provides the distance option when you really want to uncork one but still makes you feel like you’re throwing a controllable fairway driver and will be very complimentary to the other distance drivers in your bag. The only compliment it might not give you is on how you dress for the day but that’s about it.

A beginner or advanced player is going to pick one up right away and notice a drastic change in the distance added to their game with a DD. Higher skilled players will use these for max distance and controlled lines with shot shaping abilities. Legend has it some are still flying to this day. Got a big tailwind? Reach for this one ASAP. Anything else is up to you. DD will fight for the top slot in your bag day in and day out.

Flight Ratings: Speed: 11, Glide: 6, Turn: -3, Fade: 2

About the plastic: Discmania’s S-Line has excellent grip in all weather conditions and good durability. Discs in this plastic won’t drastically change in flight after colliding with a few trees. This is the swirliest and prettiest plastic that Discmania makes of their stock runs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
This thing goes

First off, I’m not a bomber, but this disc will cover a lot of distance for me. It will outfly a Clash Vanilla, Infinite Maya or a Streamline Jet, and it’s easier to control. If you want to throw a disc fairly flat and watch it glide forever with that classic turn over and fade back, this is it

William Zeigler
S Line DD3

I've enjoyed my time with this disc so far. Effortless s lines with minimal power. Disc is understable, but with a reliable fade.

Tyler Mcclain
Great disc

I am really liking this disc. It definitely is under stable but for me it has the perfect fade also so it doesn’t get super unpredictable unless thrown in headwind. The s line plastic feels great for some reason especially with my DD


Great under stable disc


Got this thinking it could be like a beat in Wraith. Its much more flippy than that, but is great for a long distance turnover shot that bombs