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Discraft ESP Sting

Discraft ESP Sting

Speed: 7 | Glide 5 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 1
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The global Ace Race evaluates a new Discraft prototype each year with the help of 20,000 testers, and last year the players were once again pleased with the results. The design goal was to create a disc that is easy to control, holds an almost perfect line on all throws, and fits comfortably in most hands. The Sting achieved all of this.

Here's it's key features:

  • Holds an almost perfect line on big throws
  • Even new players can hold an anhyzer line with long glide
  • Rip it for high-speed hyzer flip drives
  • Delivers long flights to reach maximum distances

Flight Ratings: Speed 7, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 1, Stability 0.0

About the plastic: ESP plastic is a high performance plastic excellent for both beginners and pros. It has a great amount of both grip and durability. It will gently beat-in over time. Initially it starts off closer to Star plastic from Innova, but a bit more stiff. These are some of the swirliest and most beautiful discs on the market that just seem to get better and better the more you throw them!


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Customer Reviews

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Proabably my favorite 7 speed

This disc is probably one of my favorite 7 speeds (if not my favorite), and you can’t go wrong with ESP. My arm is a bit slower, so this disc works as a good straight flyer for me, with some turn, and a reliable fade. Dependable disc. Give it a try if looking for an understable 7 speed.