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FlighTowel Disc Golf Towel

FlighTowel Disc Golf Towel

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Only 2 units left in stock
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✔ WHAT IS FLIGHTOWEL - FlighTowel is created specifically for disc golf players. FlighTowel is an amazing microfiber towel that allows disc golfers to warm-up their arm before they throw.  

✔ A REAL DISC FOR WARMING UP - FlightTowel has a built in resistance pocket and fob made from a real disc. This means you can warm up safely with the feel of a real disc in your hand - there's nothing quite like it!

✔ SIMPLE TO USE - Using a FlighTowel to warm-up is simple.  Grip the disc (fob) like you would hold a normal, then go through your normal throwing routine. 

✔ PREVENT INJURY - Use FlighTowel to warm-up your arm before you throw. This will help you to not injure your arm, back and more by throwing when your muscles are still cold. 

✔ TEST YOUR FORM - When using FlighTowel, you will feel resistance pocket from the bottom pocket on the towel when your form is coming down the right line. Remember that slow is smooth, so take your time on each reach back!

FlighTowel is an essential for all Disc Golfers! To be able to warm up without the risk of injury that could put you out of action for weeks is so important. Use the Flight Towel to warm-up efficiently and safely for each round, and with the feel of a real disc. 

The disc (fob) has been cut from a real disc golf disc, which means it has an authentic feel in the hand, and then combined with the resistance pocket, you will feel the towel resist your throw as you pull throw, thus warming up your muscles. Repeat this multiple times with care before each round, and feel the difference as your arm slowly warms up.

RH= Right Handed Version

LH= Left Handed Version

All towels are gray. Disc Fobs come in assorted colors.

Use the Flight Towel to take your game to the next level while keeping your body injury free!

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan P Rojas
Star destroyer fob/black towel

I love this for warming up. Slight resistance when towel opens up. The towel is absorbent and great for wiping off discs without too much stuff sticking to it.