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Lone Star Disc Bravo Glow Nimitz

Lone Star Disc Bravo Glow Nimitz

Speed: 11 | Glide 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 3
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Named after the Fredericksburg native Chester Nimitz, the Nimitz is a disc that fits perfectly between the Curl and Warbird. This Distance Driver has controllable turn with reliable fade at the end of it's flight. Expect this to be close to a stable to overstable run of Wraith. This is a great disc in the 11-Speed category, and expect it to become a fan favorite!

Flight Ratings: Speed 11, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3

About the plastic: Bravo Glow plastic grip, feel, and stability is very similar to our Bravo blend but shines brightly when charged using a UV flashlight. The Lone Star Bravo Glow blend is one of the best in the industry, lasting over half an hour with a single charge, making it better glow than 90% of other disc golf brands.

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Customer Reviews

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Closest thing to a wraith I’ve thrown

Love the plastic as well