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MVP Hive Firefly Glow Vinyl

MVP Hive Firefly Glow Vinyl

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Are some of your go-to discs not in Eclipse plastic? Fear not, Firefly Glow Vinyl from Hive is here to save your night golf game! These glow vinyl stickers attach easily to any disc and provide a level of glow that, when exposed to UV light, is Eclipse 2.0 on the go. The level of brightness has to be seen to be believed – the brightest glow on the market!

When your round is over, feel free to peel the Firefly Glow Vinyl off and place it back on the sheet for the next round – that’s right, these are easily re-attachable as well! Each sheet has 46 stickers (23 small hexagons and 23 hexagon rings) – plenty of glow for your whole bag. Give every disc the glow it deserves with Firefly Glow Vinyl!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Richard & Toni Hattier

Works beautifully!!

Josh wilson
Super bright

Adhesive is amazing, incredibly bright. Highly suggest


Glows just as well as the Eclipse 2.0 plastic

Awesome glow

These little stickers are fantastic. They light up very well and make a non-glow disc work perfectly for glow matches. Way better than trying to find a duplicate disc you love in glow plastic.


This is the absolute best glow tape that I’ve ever used. Very bright and long lasting.