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Ript Showdown Card Game | Ript Revenge Sequel

Ript Showdown Card Game | Ript Revenge Sequel

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Ript Showdown is an all new card game from KnA Games. The game features double sided cards allowing Disc Golfers to choose a side to play based on their style.

Will you be Good and play a defensive game, or Bad and attack your opponents mercilessly. Either way you hope to be the Lucky in the end and pull off a win. Showdown features all of the cards you love from Ript, Ript Revenge as well as all new cards.  

  • WHAT IS RIPT SHOWDOWN? - Ript Showdown is the sequel to Ript Revenge. The aim of the game is to play good, but mostly bad, cards on your opponents!
  • 2-4 PLAYERS - Ript Showdown is best when played with 2-4 people. Ript Showdown can be played with more players, but then you may run out of cards
  • PLAYS DURING A ROUND OF DISC GOLF - Ript Showdown plays out during a round of disc golf, so get out on the course and enjoy this brilliant game!
  • FUN WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Ript Showdown is great fun with family and friends. It is small enough to fit into any disc golf bag. You can take this with you wherever you go!
  • PLAY FOR SKINS OR STROKES - In Ript Showdown , you can either play for skins of for strokes. In a skins match, the lowest score on the hole wins a skin. The player with the most skins wins the game. In stroke play, the player with the least strokes wins

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