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2024 Ledgestone LE Disc Releases

It’s officially time to get excited for the upcoming 2024 Ledgestone LE Disc Releases. Every year Ledgestone partners with Discraft to bring you exciting, super limited releases of current and out of production molds in special plastic blends with custom art stamps. When asked about how the team at Ledgestone decides on the molds and plastics they’ll release each year, Nate Heinhold, Ledgestone TD said:

“Over the years it has become more challenging to try to differentiate the discs we run each year to satisfy what everyone wants to see. It’s not easy to pick what we do, but that is part of the fun… A lot of these older discs have great markets, and sometimes releasing these older discs in limited run will reinvigorate fans of that disc, or bring new fans to certain discs,”

Take a look below to see the 2024 Ledgestone LE Disc Release schedule.

Ledgestone Wave 1 Preseason Releases – December 2023

Ledgestone’s first wave of releases comes in their Preseason list. Released already in December, you can find all of these awesome discs for sale in our inventory, here. The first of the Ledgestone LE releases includes brand new plastics for the Paul McBeth Luna and Athena. Ezra Aderhold and Aaron Gossage fans can fill their bags with the all new CryZtal Glo Flx Nuke OS! 

  1. Z Sparkle Luna
  2. Full Foil Graffiti Buzzz
  3. Z Swirl Zone
  4. Z Swirl Athena
  5. CryZtal Glo Flx Nuke OS
  6. Colorshift Raptor

Ledgestone Wave 2 Season 1 Releases – February 2024

The next iteration in the 2024 Ledgestone LE disc release will be the Season 1 releases coming in February. In the first larger wave of Ledgestone discs players can expect two out of production discs such as the Rattler and the Pulse. The Discraft Rattler is a deep, 2 speed putter that flies dead straight with a bit of turn. Ledgestone has previously released the Pulse, an overstable 11 speed, so players that loved that release will love the new ESP Swirl model. 

  1. Z Glo Zone
  2. CryZtal Rattler
  3. ESP Challenger
  4. CryZtal Flx Malta
  5. X Swirl Buzzz
  6. ESP Swirl Zombee
  7. UV Glo Heat 
  8. ESP Swirl Pulse
  9. Lightweight ESP Vulture 
  10. Jawbreaker Swirl Nuke
  11. CryZtal Scorch
  12. Z Swirl Zeus

Ledgestone Wave 3 Season 2 Releases – April 2024

Spring is in the air for the 3rd wave of the 2024 Ledgestone LE disc releases! Dropping in April, 12 new Discraft special discs will be available, including some incredibly cool midranges. Players that love the GT top molds will want to bag the UV Glo Sparkle Buzzz GT. Then players will want to buy the Ledgestone Z Swirl Buzzz and the UV Glo Meteor. These three Discraft midrange releases will help players add awesome, new neutral flyers to their bags. 

  1. Fly/Flag Dye CryZtal Zone OS
  2. CryZtal Roach
  3. UV Glo Sparkle Buzzz GT
  4. Z Swirl Buzzz
  5. UV Glo Meteor
  6. Z Swirl Stratus
  7. Z Swirl Cicada 
  8. Jawbreaker Heat 
  9. Z Swirl Anax
  10. Lightweight ESP Venom
  11. Z Glo Fly/Flag Dye Nuke
  12. Ti Sparkle Thrasher

Ledgestone Wave 4 Season 3 Releases – June 2024

It’s summertime and the last of the 2024 Ledgestone LE disc releases are here! In this final wave of Discraft releases, players can stock up on a good mixture of stabilities and plastics. For their understable slot, Ledgestone is dropping the Z Glo Flx Sol, an awesome putter from the Paige Pierce line. For their neutral slot, players can buy the ESP Swirl Buzzz SS or Fly/Flag Dye Mantis. Finally, for power throwers looking for something beefy, check out the Rubber Blend Zone GT and ESP Swirl Venom. 

  1. Rubber Blend Zone GT
  2. Jawbreaker Glo Zone
  3. Z Glo Flx Sol
  4. Jawbreaker Buzzz
  5. Fly Dye Nebula
  6. ESP Swirl Buzzz SS
  7. Jawbreaker Glo Wasp
  8. ESP Swirl Cicada 
  9. Fly/Flag Dye Mantis
  10. Lightweight Z Glo Force
  11. ESP Swirl Venom
  12. Z Swirl Hades

Final Numbers for the 2024 Ledgestone LE Disc Releases

This year’s Discraft Ledgestone LE releases offer players some awesome and exciting discs to add to their arsenal. Every disc listed will be available right here at Disc Golf Deals USA. Let’s take a look at the final breakdown of the 2024 Ledgestone drops:

  • 42 Total Discs will be releases by Ledgestone in 2024
  • 3 is the number for each Buzzz and Zone release this year. The most drops of any discs.
  • 10 disc will be made in a variation of Glo plastic!
  • 12 discs will be made in a variation of Z plastic
  • 5 discs will be released in Discrafts awesome Jawbreaker plastic
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