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5 Reasons to Buy the Discmania Zeta's Moon CD1

Quick Review: The Discmania Zeta's Moon CD1 Flies Far and is one of the most controllable 9-speed fairway drivers on the market!

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Discmania Zeta's Moon CD1 Review

Discmania S-Line Zeta's Moon CD1 control driver

After a couple of weeks of throwing the Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1, it’s officially decided: This disc is legit! The Discmania CD1 originally came out in the new C-line plastic and was quite overstable for the numbers. Now, the Special Blend S-line CD1 has a bit of flip to it, giving the disc way more control in tighter fairways and in wooded courses. Did we mention this disc bombs too?

Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1.

1 Massive Distance Potential with the Zeta’s Moon CD1

Distance potential was the most impressive and surprising thing about the new Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1. In testing, we were blown away by how far this fairway driver flies with even medium power. On hyzer, the Zeta’s Moon CD1 flips up to flat with relative ease and will hold straight for quite a while before fading gently at the end of its flight. The easy hyzer flip-up and straight flight gave this disc massive distance. In many circumstances on the course where we’d usually reach for a distance driver, the Zeta’s Moon gave us all the control we needed without sacrificing too much distance. 

2 Consistent Control with the Zeta’s Moon CD1

This disc might just be the easiest 9-speed driver to control on the market, today. But it’s not just the low-power hyzer flips or flat, s-shaped drives that make this disc so easy to throw. It’s the consistency of flight that made us fall in love with the Zeta’s Moon CD1. Every time we threw the fairway driver we knew what it would do. The reason this is so important with the Zeta’s Moon CD1 is that normally flippy discs can sometimes be too flippy and will turn over on you. But the Zeta’s Moon has enough integrity to flip to flat and turn but never burn over unless told to. 

3 Discmania Special Blend S-line Feels Amazing

Discmania S-Line plastic on the CD1 Zeta's Moon control driver for all players

The Discmania Special Blend S-line plastic is the type of plastic you want to hold in your hand and never let go of. The plastic is grippy without being overly tacky all the while being soft in the hand. The Special Blend S-line plastic is firm and mildly flexible, making it the perfect choice for players looking for an in-between blend along the spectrum of C-line and regular S-line.

4 The Zeta’s Moon CD1 is Fun to Throw

Finding a disc to throw that carves tightly wooded gaps or precision lines all the while bombing out in the open is like winning the lottery. Sure you can grab an Innova Thunderbird but you need a big arm to get the full potential out of a disc like that and even a Discraft Undertaker might be too stable to flip to flat 100% of the time. Discs like an Avenger SS can be too flippy and will turn and burn too easily. The Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 is the perfect do-it-all disc for every arm and throwing it will surely bring a smile to your face. 

5 The Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 Fits in Any Bag

There isn’t a single player in the world that doesn’t need a flippy, controllable 9-speed fairway driver that bombs in a tailwind. No matter what level of player you are, the Zeta’s Moon will fit in between your stable 7 speeds, stable 9 speeds, and super overstable 9 speeds without an issue. No longer do players have to over-torque on stable 7 and 9 speeds to hyzer flip and gain extra distance. With the Zeta’s Moon CD1, all you have to do is throw with medium to high power on hyzer to achieve maximum control and distance. 

Top Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 Characteristics

  • Control
  • High Distance Potential
  • Fun
  • Fits in Every Bag
  • Great Hand Feel

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