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5 Reasons Why the Streamline Echo is a Great Midrange

The Streamline Echo is a relatively new disc, officially approved by the PDGA in 2021. It is a low profile, extremely neutral midrange that is most comparable to a beat in Innova Roc or MD1. It sports 5/5/-1.5/1 flight numbers and is relatively true to them depending on your plastic choice. 

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Streamline Echo Plastic We Tested

For this article, we tested two Streamline Echos in the Neutron plastic (178 Grams) and special edition Proton Soft plastic (178 Grams). Our tests happened on the field and on the course, both in open and wooded holes. We threw as many lines as possible and tested the discs to their fullest extent. 

Streamline Discs Neutron and OTB Special Edition Echo

At the end of our testing, we found the Neutron plastic Echo to be true to its flight numbers and straight as an arrow. The Neutron plastic is somewhat grippy and sleek. The Proton Soft Echo was grippy and flexy with more stable characteristics when compared to the Neutron Echo. 

1. Streamline Echo Flight Path

Many players are constantly on the hunt for the perfect midrange disc with the perfect flight for every shot. The perfect disc is one that can hold a hyzer line, hit a hyzer flip and fly straight without turning too much and also can be thrown on anhyzer when needed. In our opinion, the Streamline Echo was able to do all those things with relative ease, meaning players didn’t need a ton of power to shape shots. Our favorite shot to throw with the midrange disc was a long, straight shot with a subtle fade at the end. 

2. Streamline Echo Torque Resistance

There are many midranges made to handle a lot of torque like the Axiom Pyro or the Innova Gator. With torque resistant midranges comes a lot of overstability that isn’t always conducive to shaping ever shot. We found the Streamline Echo to be torque resistant enough to handle being thrown hard flat to hold straight without the turning wobble that sometimes comes with neutral midranges. 

3. Streamline Echo Plastic Selection

This year in 2023, MVP (Parent Company to Streamline) released a handful of limited edition discs in support of the OTB Open. One of these discs was the Proton Soft Echo in a translucent, metal flake plastic sporting two dolphins as the foil. The Proton Soft Echo plastic has a bit of flex and a high level of grip. Compared to other plastics, like the Neutron Echo, the Proton Soft Echo flies with a touch more stability than the -1.5/1 flight numbers would imply. 

The Neutron Echo is a stiffer version of the midrange disc and is sleek but not slippery like how Discraft Z can sometimes be. The Neutron model of the Echo flies more true to the flight numbers making this model perfect for throwing straight and flip up lines with less effort. 

4. Streamline Echo Glide

The Streamline Echo glides far and it glides smooth. Where some midranges or fairways that promise a high level of glide often turn when thrown with a lot of power flat (think Discmania MD1 Mindbender or Latitude 64 River) the Echo does not. In particular, the Streamline Echo in Proton Soft plastic holds flat for as long and hard as you can throw and gets further than expected. 

5. Streamline Echo Feel

If we had to compare the feel of the Streamline Echo in the hand to any other disc it would probably be the Discraft Buzzz. Both discs sport a low profile, beadless rim and while their specifications on PDGA aren’t identical, they have similar rim depth to diameter percentages. The feel of the Streamline Echo is small in the hand and shallow.The feel of the Streamline Echo matches perfectly with the low effort needed to make this disc fly however you want it to. 

Final Thoughts on the Streamline Echo

The Streamline Echo was one of the most surprising discs we’ve tested this year. Fans of the Buzzz’s feel in the hand and easy flight of the Discmania MD1 will love the Streamline Echo. The Midrange disc is an easy to throw, neutral flying disc that is made in great plastics, like Proton Soft and Neutron, and fits many slots where some midranges only fit one. If you’re looking to throw straight, buttery lines through woods and in open fairways, the Streamline Echo is the perfect midrange for you!

Here’s a brief comparison of the two Streamline Echo’s we tested:

  • Most Distance Potential: Neutron Echo
  • Straightest Flight: Neutron Echo
  • Most Stable Flight: Proton Soft Echo
  • Most Headwind Resistant: Proton Soft Echo
  • Most Glide: Neutron Echo
  • Grippiest Plastic: Proton Soft Echo
  • Softest Plastic: Proton Soft Echo

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