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Which Discmania MD1 is best? C-Line vs. S-Line vs. Mindbender

Quick Summary: The Discmania MD1 is now available in a variety of plastics, including the brand new, reinvented S-line and C-line plastics. The MD1 is a straight flying midrange with a rich history and an excellent reputation. 

  • S-line MD1: Grippy and soft with a straight to stable flight path.
  • Mindbender MD1: Sleek with a neutral, straight and high gliding flight path.
  • C-line MD1: Highly grippy with a straight to stable flight path.

Est. Reading Time: 4 - 5 Minutes 

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Discmania MD1 Overview

Coming in with flight numbers of 5/6/0/0, the reinvented Discmania MD1 is a straight flying midrange from the Swedish manufacturer. Its intended flight path is straight and neutral and the disc is a “hold any line it’s put on” disc. 

Here’s what Discmania has to say about the MD1: “Throwing straight is arguably the hardest shot in disc golf. It's about to get easier with the laser-straight midrange, the MD1!” The MD1 falls right between the Method (overstable with less glide) and the MD3 (stable with less glide) according to Discmania. After our testing, the MD1 could be viewed as a perfect compliment to your neutral flying FD. 

History of the Discmania MD1

Discmania First Run SG-Line MD1

The MD1 was the first disc ever produced by Discmania, released in December of 2006. The discs initial release titled the MD1 as the Midrange Driver and was met with praising reviews both in Europe and the US. Below is a product description from Discmania’s website at the time of releasing the MD1:

"The MD1 is the first Discmania Golf Disc (PDGA approved). MD1 is a large diameter, 180 gram max weight midrange driver. It is a stable flyer with good range and a predictable low speed fade. The MD1 comes now with three blends: more grippier D-line, very durable S-line and durable soft SG-line. Weight range is from 168 to 180 gram."

The MD1s original flight numbers were 4/4/0/2, a much different disc than it is today.

Discmania S-Line MD1 Review

Discmania S-Line MD1 midrange driver

Feel: The S-line MD1 was released as a special edition disc in Discmania’s Mystery Box released at the end of 2022. Many Discmania pros like Gavin Babcock and Ella Hansen have bagged the MD1 for its dependable stability when compared to other MD1s. 

The Discmania S-line MD1 is slightly swirly and features either the standard Discmania Logo or a bat-winged Discmania logo as the foil. The plastic is grippy and smooth with a pleasant softness. The new Discmania S-line plastic on the MD1 is comparable to a slightly more flexy Discraft ESP or Kastaplast K1 Soft. 

Flight: In our Discmania MD1 comparison, the S-line model had the most stable flight of all discs tested. Where the Mindbender tended to dislike headwinds and turn the most, the S-line MD1 flew straighter and faded back at the end of its flight the most consistently. The S-line was most comparable in flight to the C-line MD1 with both discs sharing similar stabilities.

Discmania Mindbender MD1 Review

Discmania Simon Lizotte Signature Series Metal Flake C-Line Mindbender MD1

Feel: The Discmania Metal Flake C-Line MD1 Mindbender was one of the final signature discs made for Simon Lizotte when he was on Team Discmania in 2022. It features a meditating frog as a foil and metal flakes in the plastic. Overall, the disc is grippy without being overly sticky and feels light in the hand despite the 177 gram maximum weight. Many pros like Eagle McMahon and Casey White bag the MD1 Mindbender.

Flight: The Mindbender compares to other MD1 plastics in its neutral flight path and glide. In our testing, the MD1 Mindbender stood out from the other discs in the amount of distance the disc was willing to cover when thrown hard. The Mindbender flew predictably further on most throws in the field and seemed to glide further on every line when thrown on wooded holes. The Mindbenders flight path is straighter than the other MD1s with even a slight understability if thrown in wind or on anhyzer.

Discmania C-line MD1 Review

Discmania C-Line MD1 midrange disc golf disc

Feel: The new Italian Blend C-line plastic from Discmania has a slightly waxy feel with a high level of grip. The C-line MD1 is the perfect disc for the player with sweatier hands or someone who values a grippy disc. In testing, we found the disc to be flexible and soft but less soft than the S-line MD1.

Flight: The Discmania C-line MD1 compared most similar to the S-line MD1 in its flight path. The disc had a straight to stable flight path and faded out of most lines reliably. Much like the S-line MD1, the C-line MD1 glided well and pushed distance well. The C-line MD1 is the perfect fit for players who liked the MD1 Mindbender but found it just a bit too straight or who prefer the feel of Discmania’s C-line plastic to the new S-line plastic. 

Final Thoughts on the Discmania MD1

Regardless of what plastic of MD1 you prefer, this is a perfect disc for throwing in wooded courses or for longer range midrange shots. The maneuverability of the disc allows players of nearly all skill levels to control the disc and hit lines with ease. The glide allows players to push their maximum distance midrange efforts further than before, as the disc loves to coast and push forward, particularly with a tailwind. 

  • Most Distance Potential: Mindbender MD1
  • Straightest Flight: Mindbender MD1
  • Most Stable Flight: S-Line MD1
  • Most Headwind Resistant: S-Line MD1
  • Most Glide: Mindbender MD1
  • Grippiest Plastic: C-Line MD1
  • Softest Plastic: S-Line MD1

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