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Axiom Envy vs Proxy Comparison

Quick Overview: We compared the Axiom Envy vs. Proxy in feel and flight. The Envy is essentially the more stable flying brother to the straighter flying Proxy. 

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Axiom Envy vs. Proxy Overview

Axiom Envy vs Proxy which is better

Axiom makes some great discs and has essentially changed status quo in the disc golf community since the company’s creation in 2014. They’re known for their colorful rims, beautiful plastic choices and high quality discs. The Axiom Envy and Proxy are no exception to those descriptors and thusly have become favorites in the amateur and professional disc golf scene. While not in direct competition with each other, comparing the Envy vs. Proxy is exciting, as Simon Lizotte and James Conrad have made both of these throwing putters popular recently. 

Axiom Proxy Overview

Axiom Simon Lizotte Commemorative Fission Proxy

The Axiom Proxy was officially PDGA approved in September of 2014, making it the seventh disc in Axiom’s line-up to gain official approval. The disc is described as a straight to stable disc and has the flight numbers of 3/3/-1/.5 giving the throwing putter a neutral flight path and a high amount of glide potential. The Axiom Proxy shares the Axiom Envy’s mold core, and has a similarly low-profile feel in the hand. The Proxy is currently one of Simon Lizotte’s main throwing putters.

Axiom Envy Overview

Axiom Plasma Envy overstable throwing putter

The Envy was Axiom’s second disc to ever receive PDGA approval and since initial release has become one of the world’s most popular throwing putters. The Envy is a low-profile, flat disc that allows for a clean release. The Envy was famously thrown by James Conrad on “The Holy Shot” during the 2021 PDGA World Championships, when he threw an Electron Firm Envy in from over 200 feet to force a playoff with Paul McBeth

Axiom Proxy Review

For this review, we were throwing a Simon Lizotte 2023 Music City Open Champion Commemorative Fission Proxy. 

Feel: The Axiom Fission Proxy is a throwing putter that’s meant to be thrown with finesse. We found the disc to feel slick in cooler conditions and mildly grippy in warmer conditions. With the low profile, flat feel in the hand, the Axiom Proxy always allowed for a clean release which is not always the case compared to other throwing putters. 

Flight: Straight and Maneuverable are the two best adjectives when describing the Axiom Fission Proxy. The Proxy is dead straight and allowed us to approach tight, wooded fairways with confidence. Essentially, the Axiom Proxy when compared to the Axiom Envy is point and shoot vs. angle control. The Proxy loves to hold a line and is never at risk of fading out too hard or turning and burning, where an Envy always threatens to fade at the end of its flight. Overall, the Proxy was a great disc to throw off the teepad and approach the basket with. While not a stable disc by nature, the Proxy can handle torque and flies true no matter how hard you throw it.

Axiom Envy Review

For this review, we were throwing an Axiom Plasma Envy.

Feel: Since the Envy and Proxy both have the same core, the discs feel very similar in the hand, with a wonderful low profile, flat feel. In throwing the disc and handling it during rounds, the Envy feels “larger” in the hand than the Proxy does, as if the rim juts out a bit more prevalently in the Envy. The Plasma Plastic is delightfully grippy and offers a superb handfeel in warmer weather.

Flight: The first thing you’ll notice right away when throwing the Envy is its stability. The Axiom Envy is an overstable throwing putter that is very workable in nearly all situations. The situations we found the Envy to really shine in were open shots where the distance wasn’t necessary for a midrange or fairway but glide and a stable finish were needed. The Envy also performed excellently on a sharper line in the woods to the basket. While the disc has the flight numbers of 3/3/0/2, that didn’t make it overly stable and the Envy was able to handle a multitude of lines. 

Axiom Envy vs. Proxy Review

Judging the Axiom Envy vs. Proxy is like comparing two different kinds of apples. The first apple (Envy) is crunchier and provides a bit more sourness after you bite into it. The other apple (Proxy) is softer and has a nice mellow flavor. The difference in flight of the Envy compared to the Proxy is the finish of the flight. The Proxy has a softer finish where the Envy likes to fight to the ground.

If you’re looking for a disc that can handle any line you throw it on while still pushing forward, the Axiom Proxy is perfect for your bag. If your bag is missing a stable to slightly overstable throwing putter, consider the Axiom Envy. After testing, we found ourselves loving both discs and recommend adding both the Axiom Envy and Proxy to your bag. 

Axiom Envy vs. Proxy Ratings

Here’s a look at how we rated the Axiom Envy and Proxy:

Most Stable Flight: Envy

Straightest Flight: Proxy

Most Maneuverable: Proxy

Best in the Wind: Envy

Furthest Flying: Proxy

Best in the Woods: Proxy

Best in the Open: Envy

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