Axiom Pitch and Simon Line Timelapse Preview

Axiom Pitch and Simon Line Timelapse Preview

Axiom Pitch Preview

If the MVP Glitch wasn’t colorful enough for you, the Axiom Pitch will be perfect for your disc golf bag! Available right now for pre-order on Disc Golf Deals USA (here) Axiom has finally released the Pitch, an almost identical copy of the Glitch. The initial release will be in Total Eclipse, with glows varying in color of green, blue, purple, teal and white. Both the cores and rims of the Axiom Pitch will glow! 

Axiom Pitch Glowing a blue color

Initial reviews from Simon Lizotte show us that the upcoming Axiom Pitch for sale is a super straight flyer. Simon is quoted as saying the new pitch-and-putt disc is “dead straight.” We expect, as was the case for the Glitch, there will be slight variations in stabilities in different plastics and weights. Make sure to pre-order your Axiom Pitch from Disc Golf Deals USA today!

Axiom Simon Line Proton Time-Lapse Preview

You saw it in Eagle McMahon’s “Building My MVP Bag” video, the new Axiom Proton Time-Lapse for sale will be a beefcake! He mentions that his particular purple Proton Time-Lapse’s are very overstable, filling a slot that was once taken up by his PD2s. But this version of the distance driver will be definitely making Eagle’s bag for its stability and distance potential. 

In Simon’s video out in the field, the Axiom Proton Time-Lapse flew with a bit of turn but always with a stable finish at the end. Simon is quoted as saying “...those Proton Time-Lapse’s are money.” That seems like a huge win for fans of the Simon Line distance driver that just couldn’t find their rhythm in the Neutron version. 

Axiom Simon Line Fission Time-Lapse Preview

MVP Fission plastic reduces the weight in the disc’s core, pushing more of it into the rim. This creates more of the gyro effect in discs MVP produces. In the upcoming Axiom Fission Time-Lapse for sale, Simon is quoted as saying “those discs go far without even trying.” Many Neutron Time-Lapse throwers may love the opportunity to throw a flippier disc! That being said, Simon did note that the Fission Time-Lapse might be more stable than the Proton version. 

Final Notes on the Unreleased Fission & Proton Time-Lapse

While we would love to promise exactly how the new Proton and Fission Time-Lapse will fly, we just have to take Simon and Eagle’s word for it right now. Disc Golf Deals USA will have both of these new versions for sale in the near future, alongside the Prism Neutron Time-Lapse. Keep a look out for your Axiom Pitch pre-order as well!

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