Axiom Pitch vs. MVP Glitch Vs. Discmania Spore - Flight Comparison

Axiom Pitch vs. MVP Glitch Vs. Discmania Spore - Flight Comparison

Finally, the comparison we’ve all been waiting for! Let’s take a look at the Pitch vs. Glitch vs. Spore and see how these catch discs fly! The Axiom Pitch and MVP Glitch have extremely similar disc characteristics and boast nearly identical flight numbers (Pitch:1 / 7 / -.5 / 0 & Glitch: 1 / 7 / 0 /0.) The Discmania Spore is quite different in its handfeel and shape and shows more stability than both the other discs (1 / 7 / 0 / 1.) Take a look below to watch our video comparison of the Pitch vs. Glitch. vs. Spore!


Watch our video to see these discs in action! 


How They Fly on Hyzer

The discs all flew relatively similar on hyzer to no ones surprise. We found an almost constant thing throughout testing that the Discmania Spore flew with more forward push and glide on every shot. For some that may be a great characteristic, especially if you’re looking for more distance. Many will gravitate towards the MVP Glitch and Axiom Pitch as they fly with a bit more control and on a tighter line when thrown on hyzer. 

How They Fly on Anhyzer

Continuing with the same trend as hyzer, there wasn’t much difference in flight between the Axiom Pitch, MVP Glitch and Discmania Spore. While the numbers on the Pitch suggest a more understable flight than the Glitch, we found the Glow Axiom disc to begin to fight out of anhyzer towards the end of the flight. The Glitch was smooth the entire flight and the Discmania Spore seemed to continue to push forward . All three catch discs were incredibly easy to control on anhyzer and were a joy to throw!

How They Fly on a Flat Angle

Again, there isn’t a terribly huge difference between all three catch discs. The Axiom Pitch had an incredible amount of glide and seemed to come back to earth faster than the other two discs. The Glitch was much easier to flip up and drift than the other two and might perform well on tight wooded lines. The Spore seemed to float the most and land reasonably straight ahead from where we threw. In our opinion, they all were very easy to control on this angle and burning them over was never a huge worry if thrown high enough!

Final Thoughts on the Pitch vs. Glitch vs. Spore

All three of these discs are wonderful and a ton of fun to throw. The Axiom Pitch and MVP Glitch are sure to be fan favorites and I imagine MVP will continue to produce awesome color and plastic combinations as time rolls on. The Discmania Spore provides a slightly different handfeel and flight than the other two but does the job of a floaty, 1 speed putter just as well. We have all three catch discs for sale on our website now. 

MVP Glitch

Axiom Pitch

Discmania Spore

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