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Beefy: Discmania Color Glow C-Line FD3 Review

Quick Review: If you’re looking for an extra overstable fairway driver and the Captain’s Raptor, Draco or Firebird aren’t your thing, try out the new Discmania Color Glow C-line FD3! 

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Discmania Color Glow C-line FD3 Overview

This disc is stable. It is so stable in fact, that during our Discmania Color Glow FD3 C-line review, we struggled to get this disc to fly much further than our putters and midranges. The Discmania Open stamped Color Glow C-line FD3’s flight path is most similar to a Discraft Captain’s Raptor (Check out our review here) but we found during our review that it was even more stable. This fairway driver is board flat and deep, making it the perfect shot-shaping disc in the woods and in the wind. 

Discmania Color Glow C-line Plastic Review

For the most part, glow plastic from every disc golf manufacturer is fairly stiff and slightly tacky in the hand. We found that the Discmania Color Glow C-line FD3 had a similar feel in the hand to an Eclipse Glow 2.0 plastic from MVP. Compared to Discmania S-line plastic, the color glow plastic has less give and a touch less grip. For players who prefer a consistent, stiff disc that promises a clean release, Discmania Color Glow is the perfect plastic. 

Discmania Color Glow C-line FD3 Review 

Feel: As mentioned above, the Discmania Color Glow plastic provides an excellent, clean release as the disc isn’t overly tacky or soft. This version of the FD3 is board flat and is perfect for forehands. Much like other forehand leaning overstable fairway drivers like a firebird or a raptor, this disc fits right in and provides the same in-hand comfort. In our Discmania Color Glow FD3 review, we found that the disc felt comfortable in hand for backhands, even though it was very flat. 

Flight: While we’re not Eagle McMahon or Kyle Klein, we loved throwing the Discmania Open Color Glow C-line FD3. To get this disc to go anywhere, you need a serious amount of power. The Color Glow FD3’s flight path is full fade almost the entire time it’s in the air. It’s flight numbers are 9/4/0/3 but this run flies more like 9/3/1/4. It hates being thrown on anhyzer and it loves crashing into the ground. 

When we threw the Color Glow C-line FD3 on hyzer, the disc made quick work to find the ground and we struggled to get the disc very far. It was a perfect disc to throw around the woods when extra tight lines were needed to find our target. Thrown flat, the disc never turned and always found the ground fast. Thrown with anhyzer, the Discmania Color Glow FD3 flight path remained stable. The disc would flex out wide but never go too far and it would always reliably finish with a stable fade. 

Discmania Color Glow C-line FD3 Characteristics: 

If you’re looking for a wind-fighting beefcake of a fairway driver look no further than the Discmania Open Color Glow C-line FD3. This disc is seriously stable and is board flat, so it feels great in the hand. This disc was easy to rely on for scramble shots and hard-to-hit angles. Consider adding this FD3 to your bag if you’re looking for an extremely overstable fairway driver.

Here are our top 5 Discmania Color Glow FD3 C-line Characteristics. 

  1. Overstable
  2. Wind Resistant
  3. Board Flat
  4. Scramble King
  5. Utility

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