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The Best Discraft Throwing Putters

About a year back on a whim I decided to switch my bag up to be entirely Discraft. There was no particular reason for it. The truth is that I needed an excuse to pick up some new plastic!

I already threw quite a lot of Discraft, and filling the empty slots in my bag was easy, except for one. Choosing a throwing putter from Discraft was not an easy feat! When it comes to forehands a Zone is the obvious choice. Backhands on the other hand? Not so easy.

Since then Discraft has released Paul McBeth's highly anticipated Kratos! I believe that it takes the cake as the number one Discraft driving putter!

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Without any further ado let's "drive" right in!

Paul McBeth Discraft Kratos - Best for Backhand

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 3



Before the Kratos, the Luna was arguably Discraft's best driving putter. Now we have the Kratos, a shallower and stabler Luna, exactly what we were looking for!

In my own experience, I have always found Lunas a little too deep, and too flippy for tee shots. Don't get me wrong, I love Lunas, I use them in the circle!

While my form is most likely to blame, I struggle to achieve smooth releases with Lunas. If you watch PmcB throwing them you'll beg to differ, but hey, who of us can throw like him?

The Kratos on the other hand is shallower and stabler. It feels amazing in the hand, partially due to the small bead, which I am a fan of for driving putters! I strongly recommend you try out one of these sick Jawbreaker Z FLX Kratos while we still have them!



Discraft Zone - Best for Forehands

Flight Numbers - 4 | 3 | 0 | 3



Chances are you already know about the Zone. Once I start writing about them I find it hard to stop! They were the first dedicated forehand approach disc to be released, and in my opinion, they're still the best!

Zone's are overstable but not too overstable, with flat tops. This makes them ideal for reliable approaches that pay no heed to a gust of wind! Did I forget to mention how comfortable the rim is? It's comfy!

The secret? Zones are also great for backhand drives! They have the stability to give you confidence off the tee! I love to use mine on shots up to 300 feet on open holes. When you have the space to throw a hyzer to the basket you can use a Zone for that extra consistency!

Another secret? If the Zone is too overstable for you get one in Jawbreaker! They beat in perfectly to a much straighter flight! As a bonus the grip on Jawbreaker discs is unmatched. Having Jawbreaker and premium plastic Zones completes your forehand approach game!



What about the best of both plastics? These new Adam Hammes Jawbreaker Z FLX Zones are outta here!



Discraft Roach

Flight Numbers - 2 | 4 | 0 | 1



The Roach is the next best driving putter for backhands after the Kratos! You should see Ezra Alderhold throwing them further than most of us can toss our drivers!

Roaches have a very comfortable rounded and beadless rim! They're also slightly shallower than most putters, which many prefer in a thrower!

It's a very neutral disc that you'll be able to use for a wide range of shot shapes!

Discraft Paul McBeth Luna

Flight Numbers - 3 | 3 | 0 | 3



Have you ever seen Paul throwing his Lunas? It's as smooth as butter, and they go far! Lunas have one of the most comfortable round rims in disc golf. That's why I love them for putting. I just find them a little too deep for throwing.

If you throw deep putters then the Luna is just right! It's very straight, so you can use it for turnovers, tunnels, and hyzers! Their flat tops also feel great in the hand! Oh, and they're beadless.

Discraft Zone OS - Forehand Flexes

Flight Numbers - 4 | 2 | 1 | 5



The Zone OS is over overstable. These bad boys were made for the flex shot! You can put them on some hectic anny angles and still expect them to come out! Brodie Smith designed these with Discraft when he outgrew his regular Zones.

If you want a really really beefy forehand approach disc the Zone OS is ideal. These windfighters are a weapon in the woods! Not for newbie consumption!

Ringer GT

Flight Numbers - 4 | 4 | 0 | 3



Ringers are great forehand approach discs if you enjoy thumbtacks! I do myself and love the low profile on the Ringer GT. If you were switching to all Discraft like I did, and you had a thing for Innova Pigs, just get a Ringer GT.

Ringers are also handy to have around for backhand shots. They compliment Zones nicely being just that much less stable.

Like the Zone, Jawbreaker is a great plastic to get the Ringer GT in. They beat in to an incredibly straight flight path, making them absolute tools on the course for technical backhands and forehands!


Flight Numbers - 2 | 3 | 0 | 2



The Discraft Challenger is a moderately overstable option. It is quite deep, so be warned if that's something you don't like! It also has a small bead.

The Challenger's stability makes it a very consistent approach disc.


Top pick - backhand: Paul McBeth Kratos

Top pick - forehand: Discraft Zone

In this list, we've gone over some of the best Discraft approach discs to be had! I can't say enough how pleased I am that Discraft released the Kratos. It's my ideal in a throwing putter! When it comes to forehands I'm jumping on the bandwagon with a smile on my face! Zone's are great, and although there are plenty of similar discs out there today, I still vouch for the Zone's superiority!

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