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Guide: Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2024

Choosing the right disc golf basket for your backyard, home course or event is challenging. The best disc golf basket should cover all of your target needs, be durable and look great. At Disc Golf Deals USA we have a huge selection of permanent, portable and affordable baskets to cover any need you have on the putting green. 

Quick Overview: Looking for the best disc golf basket for your event or course? Disc Golf Deals USA has a huge selection of baskets to choose from. This article covers the best baskets in every category. 

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Types of Disc Golf Baskets

Disc Golf Deals USA has the best disc golf basket for any situation. The categories we cover in this article are: permanent disc golf baskets, portable disc golf baskets and affordable disc golf baskets. Permanent baskets are for those who need new baskets for their local course or perhaps even their backyard course. Portable baskets fit the player who’s on the go or for someone holding an event away from the course. Finally, affordability is key, especially with how expensive disc golf baskets can get. Read below to find out our picks for the best disc golf baskets in any category on the market!

Best Permanent Disc Golf Baskets

Below are a few picks for the best permanent disc golf baskets on the market today. Permanent baskets are usually a higher quality than other categories due to their materials, weather resilience and ability to catch discs. These are the best disc golf baskets for course designers if quality is high on the list of importance. 

MVP Black Hole Gravity (Permanent Ver.2 ) - $699.95 (Available in 4 colors!)



MVP Black Hole Portal (Permanent Ver. 2) - $799.95 (Used at Maple Hill! Back in stock soon.)



Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Portable disc golf baskets are used for a variety of reasons. Many disc golf pro tour events use portable baskets to create the ultimate hole to challenge the best players in the world. You can also find portable baskets at your local putting league or backyard event. These are some of the best disc golf baskets because they can handle the same wear and tear of a permanent basket but are able to be moved easily. 

MVP Black Hole Pro HD - $189.95



Axiom Pro HD - $189.95 (Same design as the MVP Black Hole Pro HD but available in 4 colors!)



Discraft Chainstar Lite - $169.99



Best Affordable Disc Golf Baskets

Unlike discs, Disc golf baskets can be expensive. At Disc Golf Deals USA we sell a variety of baskets and by carrying affordable baskets it gives us the opportunity to help everybody buy the best disc golf basket they need. Affordable disc golf baskets are designed with your wallet in mind. These baskets are still made of high quality materials like zinc coated metals, and are made by top brands like MVP and Axiom. These are the perfect basket for personal practice areas in a backyard or a charity event for your local club!

Streamline Discs Lite - $139.95



MVP Black Hole Practice Basket - $139.95



Hive Double Chain Basket - $129.95 (Zero Weak Pockets!) 



Important Basket Mentions

If the above lists didn’t help you pick the perfect disc golf basket for your course or event, take a look below. In this section we’ve listed a few fun options to improve your skills, involve the kids or create the ultimate course. 

MVP Black Hole Precision - $139.95 (Improve your accuracy!)



MVP Black Hole Mini - $69.95 



MVP Black Hole Pro HD w/ Transit Case - $219.95 (Includes travel case for easy portability!)



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