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Gyropalooza 2024 Sneak Peek + Reviews on Past Editions

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The hottest mystery box release of the year is just around the corner! Okay, not quite, but we wanted to get in early. We've done a little digging in the hopes of uncovering some insights into the 2024 Gyropalooza box.

We also reviewed past editions of the special release, to compare to the 2024 version, and to help us predict what could be included in 2024.

On top of all of this, we ran a survey on Reddit to learn what disc golfers want in their 2024 Gyropalooza boxes. The results were astounding!

Let's dive in!

MVP 2024 Gyropalooza Preview

MVP's digital gyropalooza banner image for 2023 with 2023 crossed out and 2024 replacing it

Please bear in mind that all of these suggestions are only based on supposition. As soon as we have more concrete information we'll add it to this post, promise! You might want to consider bookmarking this page to stay updated.

Release Date

We can't say for certain but we expect the 2024 Gyropalooza release date to be sometime between late October and early November.

If you're trying to find where to buy the 2024 Gyropalooza box we'll have it for sale once it is released. Go to the page and hit the "notify me" button to get an email once the box is available.




The Gyropalooza generally follows the set structure of mixing definite and mystery discs. We can expect 2 - 6 special edition Gyropalooza discs that will be included in your box, guaranteed.

MVP generally fills the rest of the space with lab seconds. These discs are random, and you'll only be able to find out what they are when you've ripped the top off your exciting new package!

Last year MVP did 4 mystery Lab Seconds and 2 random Pro Shop discs. This trend could well be continued into 2024!

Some recent MVP molds that could feature in the 2024 mystery box:


The 2022 and 2023 boxes have had an average cost per disc of about $11.50! This is a significant drop from the $17 a disc price tag in 2021.

One of the top draws with Gyropalooza is the value for money! You won't get the discs that cheap anywhere, let alone special edition releases!

In 2024 we expect this amazing value for money to carry across. With a slight rise in costs due to inflation we'd bargain on a cost of about $12 a disc.

With this cost, you can expect to get about 10 to 15 discs for $120 to $170.

Need help choosing a disc?

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Our Gyropalooza Reddit Survey

We ran a Giveaway/Survey to gain a little insight into what disc golfers expect to be included in the 2024 Gyropalooza box. Our post took off and has 725 comments at the time of this writing.

The user feedback we received has given us valuable insights into what disc golfers want from Gyropalooza!

Here's a link to the Reddit post:

Which discs do you expect MVP to feature in the 2024 Gyropalooza?

Hopefully, MVP reads through the comments, and pays us for the top-class market research we just did for them! ;)

Discs That Players Want Included in Gyropalooza 2024

Reading through each comment and keeping a tally of the molds mentioned produced some interesting output!

Glitch: Everyone still loves the Glitch! Numerous players asked for the whole box to be comprised of only Glitches! The most requested disc this far is a Total Eclipse Glitch. As well as Eclipse persons also wanted metal flake and aluminum variants. In total, the Glitch got around 69 mentions on our thread!

Pixel: The Pixel was littered across the thread. What came out is that users are dying for Pixels in a premium plastic blend, preferably with some glow. The Pixel was requested at least 58 times!

Eagle McMahon Signature Disc: There were loud cries for an Eagle disc. Votes were split between a new mold entirely, or even just a signature disc with his stamp. About 48 people asked for this!

Pyro: There was one thing that everyone wanted! An Eclipse Pyro! Roughly 46 disc golfers wanted to get one in their box.

Trail: A lot of people taking the survey considered the new Trail's inclusion to be a given. The Trail is a new control driver designed for James Conrad. 45 people asked for his new mold!

Time-Lapse: Simon Lizotte's new driver has been very popular, and this showed through in the survey. 32 people were wanting them, some asking for the whole box to be filled with them! Most players wanted an Eclipse Time-Lapse.

Hex: 24 requests.

Tesla: 24 requests.

Wave: 23 requests.

Detour: 23 requests.

Tempo: 23 requests.

Servo: 16 requests.

Crave: 10 requests.

Beam: 9 requests.

Smart Ideas

A few users came up with some awesome ideas that would surely boost the mystery box's popularity in 2024.

A few players mentioned how much they would love to receive the aluminum Glitch that Simon demonstrated in one of his latest videos.

One smart ploy a user came up with was a Simon and Eagle collab disc! MVP could surely leverage some of that Crushboy awesomeness!

Quite a few responders wanted an entirely new putter mold. We're interested to see how MVP responds to this.

One smart alec contemplated a Glitch-stamped Time-Lapse. No one could deny the hype such a disc would generate!

There are a few scattered shouts for the much-anticipated Gyro-X plastic. If MVP could have it ready for the 2024 Gyropalooza it will surely be a massive hit with their fan base!

A lot of people were excited about a new surprise blend of plastic, although we doubt MVP has had the time to develop one.


Quite a few interesting points emerged through our survey...

  1. Everyone wanted the 2024 Gyropalooza box to be stuffed with glow discs! This is possibly because Gyropalooza boxes are generally released around autumn/early winter, glow round season!
  2. After Eclipse, Fission was probably the most raved-over plastic! MVP would not disappoint if they were to feature it heavily in their boxes.
  3. MVP's sponsorships are working wonders! About half of the comments made some mention of James, Simon, Eagle, or another MVP Team player.
  4. 1 or 2 responders mentioned they'd like anything but a box full of black discs. Perhaps this is a jab at the 3 R2 discs featured last year.

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Past Gyropalooza Boxes

Here's a quick look at what was included in past mystery boxes from MVP. We expect the 2024 release to be most similar to 2023, but 2022 and 2021 may yield some more interesting insights.

Gyropalooza 2021

Release Date: Retailer specific

Price: $120

Number of Discs: 7

Cost per Disc: $17.14




The 2021 edition had a significantly lower disc count than later releases, with only 7 in a box.

Guaranteed Discs:

  • Neutron Uplink - Gyropalooza Stamp
  • Eclipse Inertia - Glow Proto Stamp

The Inertia featured MVP's first blue glowing disc. Included with these were 5 random Lab 2s.

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Gyropalooza 2022

Release Date: Nov 11

Price: $160

Number of Discs: 14

Cost per Disc: $11.43


The 2022 edition included a total of 14 discs! The more the merrier!

Guaranteed Discs:

  • Total Eclipse Proxy - Gyropalooza Stamp
  • Prototype Color Eclipse Envy - Glow Proto Stamp

The Proxy features a standard Eclipse core, with color glow rims. The Eclipse Envy featured color glow cores! On top of these great discs, 12 Lab Seconds were included in the box!

Gyropalooza 2023

Release Date: Oct 18

Price: $130

Number of Discs: 11

Cost per Disc: $11.83



The 2023 Gyropalooza was a standout with 5 guaranteed special edition triple foil stamped discs!

Guaranteed Discs:

  1. Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron Envy
  2. Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron Hex
  3. Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron Crave
  4. Eclipse 2.0 Glitch
  5. SE Neutron James Conrad Detour

Besides this awesome lineup, the box also included 4 Lab Seconds and 2 MVP Pro Shop discs. These Pro Shop discs had the potential to be unique runs, artist series, or team series discs!


Whatever's included in the MVP Gyropalooza for 2024 we know one thing... It's going to be good! MVP are notorious for bringing the heat with their mystery boxes! In 2024 we're expecting a decent amount of unique and guaranteed special editions, a handful of Lab 2's, and a few Pro Shop Discs. Stay tuned for more definite information, and hit the "notify me" button on the product listing to ready yourself for the big day!



Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 2024 Gyropalooza box be released?

MVP has yet to set a definite date for the Gyropalooza in 2024. Based on past editions we estimate the release date to be between late October and Early November.

What discs will be in the 2024 Gyropalooza release?

MVP has yet to announce the guaranteed discs that will feature in their mystery box. A few discs we expect to make the cut are the; Glitch, Pixel, Trail, Time-Lapse, Detour, Hex, Pyro, Tesla, and Wave.

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