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This Fairway Driver Bombs: Opto Ice Orbit River

These are the best Latitude 64 Rivers we’ve ever thrown here at Disc Golf Deals USA. Not only is Latitude’s Opto Ice Orbit plastic some of the best looking plastic, but these drivers feel amazing too. Compared to an Explorer, the River is generally more understable, allowing beginners and low arm speed players more distance, while more advanced throwers will love this disc for tailwind drivers and shot shaping in tight fairways. Let’s take a look below to see how the new Latitude 64 River in Opto Ice Orbit stacks up against your favorite fairway drivers.



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Opto Ice Orbit Plastic: The New King of Plastic

Nowadays it seems as though there is a mad-dash to create the prettiest and best feeling plastic on the disc golf market. From Discrafts Jawbreaker Z FLX, Innovas Champion Halo and Clash’s Tone line, it seems like a new variety of plastic is coming out monthly. Latitude’s Opto Ice Orbit is the Swedish brand’s answer to the highly durable and downright gorgeous category of disc golf plastics. This version of the River is translucent, slightly pearly and circled by a “halo” rim. The combination of Opto Ice and Orbit give this disc a stiff but workable feel with a tremendous dome. There’s a reasonable amount of tack and for that, with all the other positive notes on it, we’d give this plastic the highest remarks we can give a plastic.

Opto Ice Orbit River Stability



Having thrown a number of River’s, this version is a standout. Why? The Opto Ice Orbit, coupled with a large dome mentioned early, give this disc a great amount of glide with a bit more fade than we’re used to in Rivers. Often, this fairway driver starts out too flippy, causing issues when margins for error are low. We found the Opto Ice Orbit River to have a reasonable amount of turn in the flight but a predictable fade at the end. This gave us confidence to take this disc into the woods for shot shaping, while also enough trust off the teepad in wide-open situations.

This River Bombs

More times than not, we often sacrifice control for the sake of distance with a distance driver off the tee. Not any more. At a speed 7 with a massive 7 glide, the Opto Ice Orbit River utilizes its consistent stability and high dome to give the user highlight level distance. In testing, we found the river to hit similar distances to our well seasoned 9, 10 and even 11 speed drivers. This River worked particularly well on a slight hyzer release, where it consistently flipped to flat, had a bit of turn before finding a flat, pushing finish. 

Opto Ice Orbit River Comparisons

Axiom Prism Neutron Trance: Standing at 8/5/-2/1, this brand new 2024 OTB Open Release has massive distance potential with a laser straight flight path. The Prism Neutron plastic feels amazing and the outer rim looks beautiful. This fairway driver is board flat, with a rounded rim (similar to a Pyro) and is relatively stiff. You may prefer this disc to the River if you want to maximize your straight distance in low ceiling conditions.



Axiom Fission Rhythm: If you’re looking for an understable companion to the Latitude 64 River, the Fission Rhythm is a great choice. Slightly domier than the Trance but still somewhat flat, the Axiom Fission plastic gives this disc a lightweight and soft feel in the hand. At 7/5/-2/1, these numbers seem reasonable, but our tests found the Fission Rhythm to lack the 1 fade listed. We’ve found that Fission plastic does tend to aid in a more understandable flight given its lightweight characteristics.



Discraft Jawbreaker Z FLX Passion: In testing, we found the 2024 Paige Pierce TS Passion to be one of the most comparable discs to the Opto Ice Orbit River. This version of the Passion has a medium dome and a really great, grippy and soft feel. Compared to an ESP Passion, this version seems to be more stable and acts as a great companion disc to something like an Athena. Both the River and the Passion fly far and as far as major differences between the two, we’d say the River is a touch more flippy in all conditions. 





Opto Ice Orbit River Final Ratings

Plastic Feel: 7

Plastic Look: 10

Stability: 5

Distance Potential: 8

Consistency: 7

Headwind Control: 4

Controllability: 7

Overall Fun Level: 7.5

If you’re someone looking for something a step-up from your midranges and a step below 9 speeds and need a bit more control in your game, the Opto Ice Orbit River from Latitude 64 is your disc. The plastic looks unbelievable and it will immediately standout as one of the prettiest discs in your collection no matter what color you grab. Try one out today from Disc Golf Deals USAs online disc golf shop and maximize your fairway driver distance!

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