Overview: MVP Gyropalooza + Simon Lizotte Time-Lapse & Pixel - Disc Golf Deals USA

Overview: MVP Gyropalooza + Simon Lizotte Time-Lapse & Pixel

MVP GYROpalooza Overview

MVP GYROpalooza is back for 2023 and this year's pack is the best version yet! Packed with 11 discs and selling on Disc Golf Deals USA for under $120, this might be the best deal in all of disc golf. Every year MVP fills their GYROpalooza packs with limited edition runs of fan favorites, brand new molds (like the James Conrad Detour), and unique runs and tour series. These discs are found only in these once-a-year packages and are bound to be some of the best MVP drops of 2023. 

Please note: As the MVP GYROpalooza features unreleased discs at the time this post was written, the reviews are all speculatory. The flight and feel of the discs may vary.

Buy a 2023 MVP GYROpalooza Player Pack on Disc Golf Deals USA, here

MVP GYROpalooza Discs

Each MVP GYROpalooza pack will feature 11 discs, with 5 guaranteed molds and 6 assorted discs. Buyers can expect the Envy, Hex, Crave, Glitch, and the new James Conrad Midrange, the Detour, all with limited 2023 GYROpalooza artwork. The GYROpalooza packs will also feature 4 MVP lab seconds and 2 MVP Pro Shop Discs. The Pro shop discs will feature Unique runs, artist series discs, and MVP Team tour series discs. 

Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron Envy, Hex and Crave

R2 Neutron plastic is a sustainable plastic option found in the 2023 MVP Gyropalooza pack. MVP recycles scraps and unused bits of plastic from its factory and has created a unique, recycled plastic called R2 Neutron. The rims featured on these 3 discs will vary in color with MVP’s new Color Glow Eclipse overmolds. The GYROpalooza pack features the three standout discs in the MVP/Axiom line-up: The Envy, the Hex, and the Crave. In our reviews of MVP discs in similar plastics, these discs usually fly with a touch more overstability than stock runs without glow. We’ll be excited to give them a throw!

Eclipse 2.0 Glitch

Looking to play catch at night and your current Glitch isn’t bright enough? MVP packed this year’s GYROpalooza with a Glitch in Eclipse 2.0 plastic, featuring a white rim! This disc is sure to fit into any Glitch lover’s bag, especially MVP throwers who love Eclipse 2.0!

SE Neutron James Conrad Detour

James Conrad’s first signature Midrange, the Detour, will have MVP and Conrad's fans rejoicing when it arrives in the MVP GYROpalooza pack this year. Based on initial discussions and a few throws on social media from James Conrad himself, the Detour looks to be flippy with massive glide potential. On an Instagram posted by Conrad, he smashed the 400+ foot, water carry on Maple Hill’s hole 14 with the MVP Detour for an absolute park job! MVP discs list the Detour’s flight numbers at 5/5/-2/1

MVP Lab Seconds

MVP Lab Seconds might just be the best deal in disc golf. Period. These discs are usually offered at a small discount to buyers for small cosmetic defects on the discs that do not affect flight. This year's MVP GYROpalooza pack includes 4 MVP Lab Seconds, picked at random from the MVP warehouse. 

MVP Pro Shop Discs

MVP Pro Shop Discs are a great addition to anyone's bag and buyers will receive 2 special discs in their GYROpalooza packs this year. MVP Pro Shop Discs include unique runs, artist series discs, and MVP Team Tour Series discs. Each GYROpalooza pack will feature 2 of the 3 options listed above.

MVP GYROpalooza rundown

This year's MVP GYROpalooza features 11 discs all for under $120 on Disc Golf Deals USA! Below is a rundown of what you’ll receive in the MVP GYROpalooza pack:

  • Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron Envy
  • Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron Hex
  • Eclipse Rim R2 Neutron Crave
  • Eclipse 2.0 Glitch
  • SE Neutron James Conrad Detour 
  • 4 x MVP Lab Seconds
  • 2 x MVP Pro Shop Discs (Unique Runs, Artist Series, or MVP Team Tour Series Discs)


Axiom Time-lapse

Also releasing at the same time separate from the boxes, we have the THE hottest disc of 2023 is finally available with a stock-stamped run. The Axiom Time-lapse, the first disc to be released under the MVP Simon Lizotte Simon Line is here. The Time-lapse is the first 12-speed released under the MVP family brand and will be perfect for players with big arms, like Simon. The Simon Line Axiom Time-lapse features flight numbers of 12/5/-1/3 and from the looks of it will be an overstable workhorse for long-distance drives.These are expected to be more understable than the Proto run which were  Pre-order your Time-lapse, here!

Axiom Pixel

We also got a preview into Simon Lizotte’s second Simon Line disc, the Axiom Pixel is a new putting putter from the MVP family of discs. The Axiom Pixel was designed to fit 100% of the demands Simon put on MVP to design him the perfect putter. While MVP was not able to share the exact specifications of the Pixel, we can assure you it will be an amazing addition to the MVP line-up and hopefully your bag! All expectations are for something close to the P2 that Simon used to know and love at Discmania.

It is going to be a blockbuster of a release coming in November, so be ready for this one! The Pixel is then expected to be released early next year.

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