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The Best Innova Throwing Putters: For Drives and Approaches

Are you a huge Innova fan? We are! The Innova putt and approach lineup is bigger than any other company's. While they're all great, the high number of options can make it hard to choose the best disc for your bag!

This guide is focused on the best Innova putters for driving and approaching. We've based our selection on common characteristics that players look for in throwing putters.

  • Stability - These need to handle some juice!
  • Glide - Higher glide for distance, and less for control.
  • Depth - Most players prefer to throw shallower discs off the tee.

In this guide, we also consider forehand and backhand shots. We've added some discs to this list because they're great for forehands, and others primarily for backhands.

The Best Innova Plastic for Throwing Putters

Guess what? Innova also has more plastics than any other brand! No worries, we'll point you to the best!

While any premium plastic is great for throwing putters, some of Innova's outshine others!

XT: There aren't many plastics out there that can match XT for grip! It's also nearly as durable as Innova's premium plastics. It has a comfortable amount of flex, and sticks to landing zones and chains like glue!

R-Pro: Rubber Blend Pro is an amazing plastic for your approach discs! It has a ton of grip and is a little softer than other Pro blends. Its grip and flex make it awesome for cold and rainy rounds!

KC-Pro: This plastic was developed for 12-time world champion Ken Climo! It's a little firmer than other Pro plastics and is the number one choice for players who practice disc cycling.

Pro: Regular Pro is grippy, flexible, and durable! You'll love it off the tee, and for touchy approaches!

JK-Pro: This plastic was made for world champion Juliana Korver! It's extremely flexible and sticks landings better than any other Innova plastic.

Gstar: This gummy version of the Innova star plastic is great for throwing putters! It's the most durable on this list as well. It has the grip and flex that regular Star might lack!

Best Innova Driving Putters

Here's our list, enjoy!

Aviar3 - Best for Drives

Flight Numbers - 3 | 2 | 0 | 2



Our top pick is the Aviar3. This disc was designed for tee shots! Its flat top, low profile, and moderate overstability fit the bill perfectly! It feels great in the hand, and even better coming out! Some players will also utilize it for short forehand flicks.

The low glide makes the Aviar3 incredibly consistent. The short game is all about consistency!

Nova - Tied Best for Backhand Approaches

Flight Numbers - 2 | 3 | 0 | 0



Did you ever see Paul McBeth throwing a Nova? You should, it's one of the most incredible flights. The Nova is extremely workable and will hold any line. It's also eerily consistent for such a neutral disc, and really does hold the line!

It doesn't have the flattest top and lacks some overstability. For these reasons, we don't consider the Nova the best Innova putter for off-the-tee, but rather for approaches! Don't be legal, some tee shots are approaches :)

Dart - Tied Best for Backhand Approaches

Flight Numbers - 3 | 4 | 0 | 0



The Dart is a true "point and shoot" disc, justifying the name. It's dead straight and extremely versatile! Nate Sexton will back us up on that! The R-Pro Dart is his approach disc of choice.

The neutral flight makes the Dart perfect for technical approach shots. If you're ready to throw it in, try the Dart.

Pig - Best for Forehand Approaches

Flight Numbers - 4 | 1 | 0 | 3



The Pig was Ricky's favorite disc for the duration of his tenure at Innova! His forehand drives and approaches with it were legendary! The Pig has a thumbtack, which many players find to help their forehand grip. 

Innova Pigs have the overstability to handle the forehand torque. You can depend on their low gide in windy conditions, for maximum consistency! If you want something slower try a Rhyno.

Rat - Best for Forehand Drives

Flight Numbers - 4 | 2 | 0 | 2



The Innova Rat is very similar to a Zone. It's just slightly more understable, and goes a little further! It has a flat top and a comfortable rim for forehand shots. We recommend trying the Rat out in Innova's Star plastic. Once again low glide helps this disc to perform in the wind consistently.


Flight Numbers - 3 | 2 | 0 | 1



The Invader can handle the power used for tee shots! It has a flat flight plate, with a moderate bead on the rim. The Invader's lack of glide will bring you consistency and confidence! It's also great for touchy little forehand shots!


Flight Numbers - 4 | 2 | 1 | 3



The Innova Toro was designed for one of the world's best players, Calvin Heimburg. It's a great choice for players with a powerful sidearm! You can trust in the Toro's stability to bring consistency in the wind like never before.

Less advanced players can utilize the Toro's stability for the flex shots required on technical wooded courses. It has a flat top, and feels amazing for forehand shots!


Flight Numbers - 2 | 1 | 0 | 3



The Rhyno brings that mean, bulky, beefiness your bag has been missing! You can trust this slower-speed disc to force its way to the basket, in any conditions. It has a thumbtack and looks, feels, and flies like a slower Pig. It is slightly shallower than a Pig, which many prefer for forehand shots.

Try the Innova Rhyno out in R-Pro plastic if you want to grab the ground or the chains!

Colt - Most Unique

Flight Numbers - 3 | 4 | -1 | 1



There aren't really any discs that can be compared to the Colt. It somehow handles torque without crazy overstability! If you're looking for a straight forehand approach disc the Innova Colt is a must-have!

The Colt is very shallow, making it comfortable to throw forehands with! It also excels for slow backhand turnovers!


Flight Numbers - 3 | 2 | 0 | 2



The Khan is the old Discmania P3X. It's a flat and beaded putter that you can rely on for all your approaches, even some forehands! It can handle the power of a tee shot, making it one of our favorite Innova putters for driving!

Bull Frog

Flight Numbers - 3 | 1 | 0 | 1



The Bull Frog is a low-glide putter from Innova for aggressive putts and drives. It's straight with a consistent small fade at the end of the flight. You can use the Bullfrog for all your drives and approaches! It's even capable of forehands! It has a flat top and a comfortable rim.


Flight Numbers - 3 | 2 | 0 | 3



The AviarX3 is the big brother of the Aviar3. It has a flat top and a beadless rim! You can trust in the overstability of this disc off the tee, and for forehands! If you enjoy the Aviar3 chances are that you'll love the AviarX3 as well!


Flight Numbers - 1 | 2 | -4 | 0



The Sonic is one of a kind. You'll love it or hate it. Garrett Gurthie loves it for his touchy backhand approaches! If you want to play catch with the basket try a Sonic.

The Innova Sonic has an unusual bump up in the middle of the flight plate. It also has small grooves on the flight plate to increase grip. The Sonic will be your go-to for short sharp turnovers!


Flight Numbers - 3 | 4 | 0 | 0



The Polecat is yet another inventive putter from Innova! It's much like a frisbee and is very easy for beginners to throw. Advanced players can utilize it for short and straight approaches. The Innova Polecat is a versatile disc that's great fun to throw!


To summarize this list we chose the Aviar3 as our top pick for backhand tee shots. We couldn't pick a winner between the Nova and Dart for the top approach disc from Innova, so we declare a tie in that department! We recommend Pigs and Rats as the best Innova forehand approach discs. If you're looking for a straight forehand putter from Innova try an XT Colt!

You can find all our Innova Putters here.

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